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Ministry With Dawgs - Opening Souls


I do not buy it that animals do not have souls, or that their souls are of lesser significance that the souls of humans.

I was musing as I walked dogs at the shelter this morning. How would I answer if someone asked me, If you were to adopt a dog, which three of the ones here now would be your choices, and why? There is one that I would love to adopt but realistically might have difficulty with the expenses of treatments for a health condition. I am drawn to her precisely because she will be harder to adopt – and her personality would fit with the family. I selected two others specifically because of soul interaction. One is a yellow Labrador mix who has been very shy, is skittish, and is gradually becoming more adventuresome. There is something about her patience when we walk (I am not a fast walker) and the inquisitive glances I get that seem to say, is this the way we do this? The other is a beautiful German Shepherd with such elegance. Again, there is the spirit of let’s get on with life, even though she has some issues with her hips. And then, there is another one, a small dog who is – or pretends to be – shy. I have coaxed her out for walks several times, and realized that this morning she was probably pulling shyness as a game – I almost saw a twinkle in her eyes. Perhaps she is more accepting of the situation and of herself.

My point is that the connections I make are based on how open the souls are – mine and that of the other person or animal. I am going to pay more attention to that, realizing that when souls open, grace flows and rich connections are made. So be it.

June 3, 2013

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