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Youth Programming
Yo yo yo, I'm here to say hello
I'm UU from my head to my toe.
While I'm up here rappin'
With my fingers snappin',
I better not catch any UUs nappin'.

I'm saying all the principles of the UU nation,
All seven of ‘em in this one location.
All of this is real, none o' this is fictionary,
And what would I do without my rhyming dictionary.

We'll start off with number One,
We can tell you right now this is gonna be fun.
We believe in every person's dignity and worth,
To the day of their death from the moment of their birth.

Comin' right at ya, it's number Two!
This is the second thing UUs do!
We believe relations have justice, equity and compassion,
Three things in life that are always in fashion.

A whoop dee doop, and a whoop dee dee,
Coming down the road, it's number Three!
We all believe this one, even UU crustaceans,
Acceptance of spiritual growth in our congregations.

Didja hear a ding-dong, there's someone at the door,
Knock knock, who's there, it's number Four!
A responsible search for truth and meaning,
The rhyme I saw in my dictionary was spring-cleaning (Oh well)

Hey everybody, let's look alive!
Next one up is number Five!
The use of democracy in society at large
That let's all UUs vote to have the peace enlarge.

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's number Six!
It's what makes different cultures mix.
The goal of peace, liberty, and justice for all
So that no one race or person feels small.

Here we go, number Seven!
This is almost the end, Oh thank heaven!
Respect the web of which we are all a part,
For that's one thing we cannot restart. (Oh yeah…)

Now you know about the Yo Yo Principles and what UUs believe in and do
Look for our Yo Yo Principles movie,
Coming soon to a theatre near you!

Copywrite © 2004 Tad Walk
Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland, ME

All materials copyright © 2008-2017 by Helen Zidowecki unless otherwise noted. - -

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