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Arrangement of Material in the Catalog

Information on each entry is what is available to the compiler. If you have
additional information or changes in on the items listed here;
additional resources to be added;
suggestions for making the information more accessible,
contact Helen Zidowecki at

Following is the explanation of the content of the columns, left to right.
TITLE is the primary title. Secondary titles are usually included as the first notation under Description. Note that “The” and “A/An” are moved to the end of the title listing.

AUTHOR(S) is presented last name, first name. Generally all of the authors are listed.

DATE gives the publication date(s), with the latest listed first. Some items may have gone through several printings and editions (revisions) on other dates. The dates are based on the copies of material and other information available. When material does not show a publication date, an estimated date may be used and this date is also noted in the Description (date and "c" for circa). For entries for which dates are not known, this section has been left blank.

DESCRIPTION presents details such as content, number of sessions for curriculum, availability of leader guide or packets, notations about use, and from where the material originally or presently may be available.

AGE to which the material applies are written in years, adding 5 to grade levels for some materials. There are two numbers, indicating an age range. Adults refers to over 18 years, although a few entries that relate to young adults give actual ages over 18 years.

TOPIC is the arbitrary notation into which the material has been placed, understanding that material may be included under various topics, and that topics overlap. Some topics are abbreviated due to space, such as
Admin. = Administration Philos. = Philosophy
Celeb. = Celebrations RE = Religious Education
Develop. = Development Soc. Act. = Social Action

NOTES indicates where further information is available on the curriculum:
Some material belongs to a specific series of collection of works, usually a historical designation, such as the Beacon Series, New Beacon Series, Beacon Science Series. A new series is the Beacon Press Discussion Guides for Unitarian Universalist Congregations. These new guides are designed as an option for Adult Religious Education. In addition, items that are curriculum are noted.

LOC = Location gives location of additional information about the items, such as:
Bk = Unitarian Universalist Bookstore. This information is taken from the latest edition of the Bookstore catalog, essentially published in June. Items in the June 2009 Bookstore catalog are noted by "B09".
  • UU = Listing on the Unitarian Universalist web page.
  • WL = The curriculum is noted in Which Lesson is It? as published by Virginia Steel. This includes the Second Edition and the Supplement.

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