We are Shelter or Rescue Dogs, known as SORD. We have spent at least a few days in a shelter or rescue situation (S/R), which means that our lives have been disrupted, generally permanently. This experience is different from that of a dog who goes home with a family as a puppy and lives with the same family for its entire life. Our reason for writing about it is so that people who give us new homes understand that this experience makes our adjustment different.

The primary writers of Notes from SORD are:
Parsifal (Parsi), a golden retriever who lives with Helen, Dick and Krista
Millie, a pit bull who lives with Erik (the son of Dick and Helen)
We were both shelter dogs in Maine and adopted by the same family at different times. Our initial experiences and reactions are different. We discuss various topics when we meet periodically. We are thankful for our S/R and want everyone to support and adopt from S/Rs.

We invite others write to us and share their experiences or their thoughts on our perspectives. They can write to Helen at

Erik takes care of the website for Helen and will post the notes as they are written. Some of the topics that we will be writing about are:
Why we are here...
Another chance
You don't know us
Good behavior
Others in the new home
What to expect -- we from you and you from us

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