Over ten years ago, I started seriously noting the relationships between animals and between animals and people. Some of these observations have been shared by my own dogs in Dawg Notes over the years. I started walking dogs several days a week at the local animal shelter in October 2008. This has provided many opportunities for reflection on the dynamics among dogs and between animals and humans.

The title started somewhat as a pun on my "ministry going to the dogs." Then the prepositions became important. This was not ministry to the dogs - I am not sure that they really cared about my concepts, and it was not ministry for the dogs. The benefit was as much for my spiritual practice as it was for their well-being. There is a mutuality that compels the concept of with.

This will be brief excerpts and reflections, possibly at times written from a dog's perspective, and possibly reflecting on learnings from my own dogs as well as those at the humane society, and possibly including comments by the cats that co-exist and rule over the dogs.

Your comments and reactions and thoughts are welcome.

Helen Zidowecki,

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