Rev. Helen Zidowecki, Editor

This Catalog provides an overview of Unitarian Universalist religious education materials. The Catalog was published in 1993 and 1997, and initially put onto this web page in 1997. Two critical changes have occurred over the years:
*The size of the Catalog has increased with the wealth of material being developed by writers, especially as self-publishing and online publishing has become more accessible.
*With the development of the Unitarian Universalist Religious Education History Group in 2001, a number of older items are being identified and cataloged, increasing the potential size of the Catalog.

Therefore, the Catalog has been divided chronologically:
*Material published before 1930 will be in the Catalog: Historic on the website of the Unitarian Universalist Religious Education History Group (www.uurehistory.org).
*Material published 1930 and after will be on this website with a link from the UURE History site.
The expectation is that both of the Catalogs will be updated at least annually.

Obviously, not all of the resources that are used by Unitarian Universalist Religious Educators are included in this Catalog. The Catalog focuses on Unitarian Universalist material that:
  May has been found in churches, primarily in Maine!;
  Has been produced or publicized through the Unitarian Universalist Association Religious Education/Lifespan Faith Development Department or its predecessors, including REACH packets (which changed to UU Faith Works with the Summer/Autumn 2002 edition) and various paper and electronic listings of available materials;
  Is available from the UUA Bookstore;
  Has come to the attention of the Editor, realizing that there are additional materials which may have escaped her attention.

In addition to the catalog material itself, there are sections related to the use of materials:
  "Curriculum in Context" of the larger Religious Education Program.
  "Using Older Material"
  "Evaluating Curricula for Use in Your Church" based on Curriculum Mapping format.
The completeness of the information depends on the information available to the Editor.

*comments about the Catalog itself or about specific items,
*information that you would like to have considered for inclusion,
*inquiry about availability of a printed copy,
to:Rev. Helen Zidowecki, 32 Stevenstown Road, Litchfield, Maine 04350, or e-mail: hzmre@hzmre.com

Inquiries about religious education material can also be directed to the:
Unitarian Universalist Association, Lifespan Faith Development (previously Religious Education) at 25 Beacon Street, Massachusetts 02108, (617-742-2100), or electronically at the Unitarian Universalist Association Web page at www.uua.org and click onto Religious Education, then onto Curriculum and Resources.

The Unitarian Universalist Bookstore at 1-800-215-9076 or the Unitarian Universalist web page http://www.uua.org/re/

Sophia Lyons Fahs Center for the Study of Religious Education
Meadville/Lombard Theological School
5701 South Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60637 (312-753-3195)

REC ROOM: Lifespan Religious Education Curricula Resources at www.rec-room.org

UU CARDS (Unitarian Universalist Curriculum and Resource Developers), a membership organization of independent Unitarian Universalists writers, on www.uucards.org

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