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CONSULTATION ON MINISTRY TO AND WITH YOUTH2007Summary Report. The summary of two year review of youth ministry. Entire process is on line at the UUA website.Youthweb UUA
ETHICS1964Human Relations and The Community.AdultIssuesCurriculum in Action #8
EXPLORING BASIC ISSUES WITH YOUNG PEOPLE1993Teachers Guide to Old Tales for a New Day. (1993c)09- 15Storiescurriculum
FROM LONG AGO AND MANY LANDS: A GUIDE FOR TEACHERSRepublished in 1949 as "Modern Techniques of Religious Education: A Primer for Teachers".RE
INTRODUCTION TO UNIVERSALISM1958Readings selected for use with Beacon 25 Course. Council of Liberal Churches. 8 sessionsAdultUUcurriculum
JESUS AMONG THE PEOPLE2001Video with Jesus & His Kingdom of Equals09- 12BibleVideo
KINGDOM OF EQUALS: JESUS' RADICAL PATH TO LOVE AND JUSTICE (See Jesus & His Kindgom of Equals)1996Teachings of Jesus as ancestral source of modern UUism, highlights relationship between Jesus and UU Principles, with appendices on disipline, storytelling, meditating, teacher skills,activities.09- 12BibleWL
NEW UU, THE1989AdultUU
OPEN DOOR TO THE BIBLE, AN1948Land of the Bible, People, Religion, Books of the Old and New Testament, Our English Bible, Archaeology and the Bible, A Shorter Bible. Reference. Beacon Reference SeriesBibleBeacon Reference Series
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION & OUR ULTIMATE COMMITMENT1985Application of Henry Nelson Wieman's Philosophy of Creative Interchange"AdultResource
SUGGESTIONS FOR ACTIVITIES FOR KINDERGARTEN GROUPS1947Guide for use with "Martin & Judy, Volume III". Beacon (1947c)03- 05Life Historicalcurriculum
SUPPLEMENTAL BOOK LIST TO THE NEW BEACON SERIES IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION1960 1959Suggestions for permanent libraries, and by specific curricula. Council of Liberal ChurchesResource
UNITARIAN- UNIVERSALISM19616 Sessions on consolidation, backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes, worship, social concerns, institutional structure. UUAAdultUUcurriculum
UNITARIAN- UNIVERSALISM1960Leader's Guide. Consolidation, Backgrounds, Beliefs and Attitudes, We Worship, Social Concern, Individuals and InstitutionsUUcurriculum
WORKING LIBRARY IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, A1933Annotated listing of desireable books in range og categories.ResourceBeacon Bulletin no. 25
YOUNG ADULT MINISTRIES TASK FORCE WORKING PAPERS1987What other denominations are doing, Young adults and UU congregations, within the denomination, findings from the Task ForceYA
PROJECT LISTENINGAdam, Herbert; Rogers, William1974Communication skills, focuses on active listening. Review tapes. 10 sessions, kit. UUAAdultIssues Historicalkit
OUR WHOLE LIVES: SEXUALITY AND OUR FAITH, GRADES 07- 09: COMPANION TOAgate, Jory; Morris, Makanah1999Religious supplement nurtures religious values of respect, relationship, responsibility. UUA12- 14SexualitycurriculumB09
FRIENDLY CREATURES GAME, THEAlden, Sparrow2005Twelve participants to take on the role Earth’s creatures. Each player has a resource to share and a resource to find, and speaks two animal languages, and may only communicate with others who share a language in common. We cannot win until everyone shares their resources.06- 08Universe
ANIMAL HELPERSAlden, Sparrow2004An environmental stewardship/earth spirit curriculum using images of animals as inspiratation, 6 sessions (Animal helpers, air, land, water, mask- making, story making, worship03- 05UniversecurriculumWL
WELCOMING CONGREGATION, THEAlexander, Scott1999 1990Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered people in congregations. Workshops, readings and worship materials, plans for 14 sessions. UUAAdultAntibiascurriculumUU
RAINBOW SEEKERSAltamari, Roberta2007Builds on Friendship Finders. Activity guide plus new rituals and structure that are age appropriate to the growing child. Explores the gems of our UU faith.03- 06UUCD
FRIENDSHIP FINDERSAltamari, Roberta2007Unique activity guide, age- appropriate and engaging activities on 18 UU themes/principles that empowers each child to feel comfortable and confident about coming to church. Toddler book recommendations, song suggestions, fun activities, and coloring pages to scribble on. Also see Rainbow Seekers.02- 04UUcurriculumCD WL
UU THEME BOOKLISTSAltamari, Roberta2007Collection of book titles organized by more than 40 UU themes (ranging from each of the principles and diversity to God and other religions).Microsoft word documents on a CD that can be used as is or downloaded onto your computer. Introduces each book with the title and a quick notation about what the book is about, and comments on usage.03- 18UUCD
FAITH WITHOUT A CREEDAmery, Julie Parker1996Cartoon illustrations, entertaining narrative of UUism. Historic perspective6- 11UU
LIVING FAITH: MORAL TALESAnacheka- Nasemann, Alice; Pearmain, Elisa200816 sessions: meaning of fairness, compassion, and 14 other Unitarian Universalist values. How these values can direct us toward goodness and justice, using the moral compass we each carry inside.07- 08UUTapestry web UUA
PHILOSOPHY- MAKINGAnastos, Elizabeth; Marshak, David1984A Process for Unitarian Universalist Growth and Learning. Helps congregation develop philosophy of religious education, beliefs, values, priorities. UUA.ResourceUU
BUILDING YOUR SPIRITUAL HOME: UU YOUNG ADULT CURRICULUMAnderson, Caitlin; Macklin, Mary Ann19957 2- hour sessions, starting with half- day retreat. Uses concepts of home and community, and need to slow down. Based on book "Old Turtle." Include discussions, journal writing. UUA/YAMAdultUUcurriculumB09 UU
THOREAU AS SPIRITUAL GUIDEAndrews, Barry2000Companion to "Walden," includes discussion questions for groups and individuals. SkinnerAdultSpiritualitycurriculum
EMERSON AS SPIRITUAL GUIDEAndrews, Barry M2003A Companion to Emerson's Essays for Personal Reflection and Group Discussion. Introduction to key themes in Emerson's writing, and 12 chapters offer questins for reflection individually or in a group setting. Skinner HouseAdultUUcurriculumB09 UU
IN OUR HANDS: JUNIOR HIGHAndrews, Barry; Branch, Robert; Lane, Virginia1990nature curriculum. Background information, activities need to be supplemented. Teacher Guide, handouts. Beacon12- 14Soc. Act.curriculumWL
IN OUR HANDS: GRADES 4- 6Andrews, Barry; Hoertdoerfer, Pat199016 sessions focusing on peace & justice within self & others. UUA09- 11Soc. Act.curriculumB09 WL UU
EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AIRAndrews, Penny19955 sessions, based on book "Earth, Fire, Water, Air" by Mary Hoffman.03- 05Spiritualitycurriculum
LIVING THINGSAoyama, Ruby1966Introduction to Ecology for five to Eight Year- Olds. Guilde for Parents05- 08Universecurriculum
LOCAL YOUTH GROUP PROGRAM HANDBOOKArnason, Wayne1995 1985Starting, continuing youth programming, worship, social action, leadership development.UUAYouth
RELIGION IN LIFE: BOYS (EDITIONS 1- 3)Arnason, Wayne1981Independent study program for boys, designed to be used for Boy Scout emblem. Workbook is "Love & Help". UUA.12- 18UUcurriculum
FAITHFUL CHOICES A33Arnason, Wayne1998An Adult Program in Clinical Ehtics and Religious Values. Applying faith to medical ethical decisions. UUAAdultIssuesUU
FOLLOW THE GLEAM: A HISTORY OF THE LIBERAL RELIGIOUS YOUTH MOVEMENTSArnason, Wayne1980History, issues and organization of Unitarian and Universalist youth movements, 1889- 1980. Skinner [Revised as We Would Be One, 2005]Youth History
YOUTH ADVISORS' HANDBOOK, THEArnason, Wayne1984Criteria & functions of youth advisors, descriptions of types of people who may want to be advisors. Later edition, rewritten. UUA, AAdultYouth Historical
ON THE PATH: SPIRITUALITY FOR YOUTH AND ADULTSArnason, Wayne; Harvey, Janet; Levine, David1989Spirituality exercises, including medication, yogo, t'chai, journal writing. 10 sessions. UUA14- AdultSpiritualityWL UU
LIFE ISSUES FOR TEENAGERS (LIFT)Arnason, Wayne; Powers, Cheryl Markoff198820 session, structured program thaq explores ethical, social and political issues. UUA. Issues15- 18IssuescurriculumUU
LOCAL YOUTH ADULT COMMITTEE HANDBOOK, THEArnason, Wayne; Schoeny, Mara Lyn; Young, Caprice1982Has been incorporated into "The Local Youth Group Program Handbook" UUAYouth Historical
WE WOULD BE ONEArnason, Wayne; Scott, Rebecca2005History of UU Youth Movements. [Update of Follow the Gleam] Skinner HouseYouthB09
HOUSE FOR JAMESBailey, Esther1965House for James, Moving Out, Moving In, New Friend. Beacon Press. Part of Haunting House curriculum05- 07Develop.kit
WHEN BRUCIE CAME TO PLAY & OTHER STORIESBailey, Esther1967Stories about children's experiences, primarily with community and home focus. Includes previous booklets of "A House for James" and "Won't You Miss Me?" Beacon05- 06Stories Historical
WON'T YOU MISS ME?Bailey, Esther1965Visiting friends. Included in "When Brucie Came to Play & Other Stories. Beacon03- 05Life Historical
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM FOR CHILDRENBaker, Betty1980Several sessions for each grade, 1- 6 to introduce UUism. Stories, plays. Community Unitarian Church, White Plains, NY05- 11UUcurriculum
MINISTRY TO YOUTHBaldwin, Peter Arthur1964What it means to be a child and an adult, LRY, role of advisor, youth autonomy. UUA14- AdultYouth Historical
OUR WAYS OF RELATING TO OUR WORLDBarnet, Vern; et al.1980Women and men in churches, caring communities, pluralism versus homogeneity. Part III of "The Way We Were" UUAAdultUUcurriculum
EMPLOYING TOTAL SELFBartlett, Josiah1976Personal interactions to help participants identify what they want to do with their lives. 8 sessions. UUAAdultDevelop.
DEEP FUNBaskin, Sienna, ed1998A Compendium of YRUU Games. Old and new games arranged by Five Steps of Building Community14- 18Youth
ADVENTURES OF GOD'S FOLK, THEBassett, Joseph; Hunt, Joan197033 sessions: Bezabel, David & Solomon, Christmas People, Sacajawea, Elijah, Harriet Tubman, Pilgrims, Mike Fink, Johnny Appleseed. (1970c)05- 07StoriescurriculumWL
MAN, THE CULTURE BUILDER, IIBateman, Walter1970The Kung of the Kalahari, applying tools for understanding our own culture. 17 sessions. UUA09- 12Life Historicalkit
MAN, THE CULTURE BUILDER, IBateman, Walter1970Exploring the basis for behavior, Navajo Indians prior to 1890. 18 sessions. Kit. UUA09- 12Life Historicalkit
LOVE & HELPBauer, Jill1984UU identity, can be used with girls and boys. UUA07- 11UUcurriculumB09 WL UU
JAMES LUTHER ADAMS IN DIALOGUEBeach, George1988Study guide for "The Prophethood of All Believers." UUAAdultUUcurriculum
CATECHISM WITH AN OPEN MINDBeach, George K.19956 sessions address basic questions about religion, God, human nature, community and Unitarian Universalism. Develop foundation for theological and ethical concepts.AdultUU
FOLLOW THE RAINBOW PATHBellah, Sharon; Eason, Sue; Kahn, Pat; LoBracco, Karen; Macey, Margery; McClane, Leslie2000Summer program based on the 7 principles and 6 sources, using a variety of stories for preschool- gr. 1 and gr. 2- 5. 14- 16 sessions. North Georgia Cluster of Religious Educators. (2000c)05- 10UUcurriculumWL
MOSES: HIS LIFE & TIMESBerg, Cynthia; Hoehler, Judith1978In- depth study of Moses and the Exodus. 12 lesson plans for the book "Moses". UUCF08- 11BiblecurriculumWL UU
FORCE OF SPIRIT, THE: LEADER'S GUIDEBetancourt, Sofia2001For book by same title by Scott Russell Sanders, care of parents, letting go of children, wiriting and the natural world. 3 sessions, Beacon.(2001c)AdultSpiritualityBeacon Press Guides web UUA
PROBLEM OF TEACHING GOD AND THE BIBLE TO CHILDREN, THEBeuhrer, Edwin1963Ways to teach about the Bible and God.AdultBible
LIVING THE PROMISE: VALUES- ORIENTED CURRICULUM BASED ON HEBREW SCRIPTURESBinkley, Cheryl Gibbs; McKeel, Jane1991Spiritual themes: development of monotheism and meaning of covenant. 30 sessions.10- 11BiblecurriculumCD WL UU
JESUS & HIS KINGDOM OF EQUALSBinkley, Cheryl Gibbs; McKeel, Jane1996 2001Teachings of Jesus as ancestral source of modern UUism, highlights relationship between Jesus and UU Principles, with appendices on disipline, storytelling, meditating, teacher skills,activities. Polebridge Press. Video: Jesus Among the People.09- 12BiblecurriculumCD UU
MANAGING THE RE CLASSROOMBinkley, Cheryl; McKeel, Jane1999Handbook for Dynamic Teaching. Learning theory, classroom management, experiential classroom, philosophy of religious education, bibliography. Binkley.Admin.CD
PROFESSIONAL MATTERSBishop, Helen2001LREDA Fall Conference. LREDAAdultRE
TAKING RETIREMENT: LEADER'S GUIDEBivens, Wendy2001For book by same title by Carl Klaus, 1999; 3 sessions. Beacon (2001c)AdultIssuesBeacon Press Guides web UUA
FIST STICK KNIFE GUN, LEADER'S GUIDEBivens, Wendy; et.alHistory of violence in America, Leader's Guide to book of same name by Geoffrey Canada; 2 sessions. Beacon PressAdultIssuesBeacon Press Guides web UUA
COMMON FIRE: LEADER'S GUIDEBivens, Wendy; Valentin, Marta20003 session guide for book of same title by Laurent Parks, Cheryl Keep, James Keen and Sharon Parks. Explores commitment and strategies to sustain common good in changing times. Beacon PressAdultIssuesBeacon Press Guides web UUA
MUTUAL SUPPORT GROUPS: HOW TO GET THEM STARTED & KEEP THEM GOINGBlaine, Gary1988Practical tips on starting & maintaining support groups of various kinds, needs, topics, participants. Lifespan. UUAAdultRE
RAISING HEALTHY KIDS: FAMILIES TALK ABOUT SEXUAL HEALTHBlake, Jeanne19972 videos (Young Children, Preadolescent and Adolescent Children) and manual. Media Works.03- 18SexualityVideo
SIDE BY SIDEBly, Mary; Graham, Beth; Reinauer, Judith1998Mothers and Daughters Exploring Selfhood and Womanhood Together. Provides a forum for examining relationships, being female. Brown's Road Press.09- 12WomenUU
BRIDGING PROGRAM, THEBossen, Colin; Borchelt, Dawn Star2004Workshops and Guidelines. 6 workshop sessions to prepare for bridging.18Youthcurriculum
LIFE TAPESTRY: AN EXPLORATION OF ADULT LIFE ISSUESBowen, Marcia; Nieuwejaar, Jeanne; Stower, Richard1994Starts with 6 hour gathering, followed by 8 sessions. Uses visualization, journaling, collage- making, role- playing to explore listening/communication, dreams/reality, aging, intimacy/independence. UUAAdultIssuescurriculumUU
BEING LIBERAL IN AN ILLIBERAL AGEBowen, Patricia1993Study guide for Jack Mendelsohn's book. Examines central theme of liberal religious while letting participants reflect on their own religious life. 5 sessions for individual or group study. UUAAdultUUcurriculumB09
WATER- ITS FORM & MOTIONBoyle, E. Marie1961Beacon Science. Forms & uses of water, scientific discovery. 6 units. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
FLOWERS: CARRIERS OF LIFEBoyle, E. Marie1961Beacon Science. Use of flowers, flower's secrets, seed travelers. 6 sessions. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
ENDLESS SKY, THEBoyle, E. Marie1961The sky, solar system, constellations. Beacon Science08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
SEEDLESS PLANTSBoyle, E. Marie1961Beacon Science. Simplest, most primitive, ancient plants. 6 units. Update needed.08- 10Universe, Historical
LEAFY HOME OF THE BIRDS, THEBoyle, Marie1961Beacon Science. Importance of trees, uses, needs, continuity of life. 6 units. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
IN OUR HANDS: ADULTSBranch, Robert C.; Goldenberg, Samuel; Thomson, Mary1990Six sessions. Choices & visions about peace & justice. USA (out of print)AdultSoc. Act.curriculumUU
RELIGION IN LIFE (EDITION 4)Breen, Cynthia; Kron, Keith1999 1981Independent study program for youth. Revision of "Religion in Life: Boys" (Could be used as Coming of Age program.) UUA,12- 18UUcurriculumB09
SPIRITUALITY IN EVERYDAY LIFEBreiddal, Susan1999Discover a broad range of ways to practice spiritual disciplines. 7 sessions. Leader Guide and Participant manualAdultSpiritualityUU
HOW CAN I KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE?Brotman, Charlene1986 1978God, death, people, religion. Latest edition has section on Bible. Full year. Brotman- Marshfield11- 14ReligionsWL UU
FOCUS ON NOAHBrotman, Charlene1974Biblical story of Noah and flood stories in other cultures. 9 sessions. Brotman- Marshfield. Leaders Guide09- 10Religionscurriculum
KIDS' BOOK OF AWESOME STUFF, THEBrotman, Charlene2004UU Seventh Principle book, “You’re Made of Star- Stuff”, “You’re Saved by Something Green”, “The Awesome Thing About Poop and Pee and Dead Stuff that Rots”, “If There Were No Bugs to Bug You”, “The Ancestor of All Your Ancestors Was Invisible,” and “You Live on a Speck in a Spinning Spiral.” brotmanco@aol.comAllUniverseB09 CD
WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN?Brotman, Charlene1975Considers basic life/death issues in world religions. Brotman.09- AdultReligionscurriculumCD WL
EXPLORING THE BIBLE WITH CHILDRENBrotman, Charlene; Fields, Ann1976One session, filmstrip and discussion; tower of Babel, Bible in art. USAAdultBiblecurriculum
HOLIDAYS AND HOLY DAYSBrotman, Charlene; Marshman, Barbara1983Year- long curriculum that celebrates holidays from around the world, including foods and activities. Brotman- Marshfield.08- 09ReligionscurriculumCD WL UU
UU KIDS BOOKBrotman, Charlotte; Marshman, Barbara1989150 pages of activities: puzzles, stories, games, songs, codes for discovering UU heritage.05- 12UUCD WL UU
SUPER HEROES: BIBLE PEOPLEBrown, Gaia2002Revision of Adventures of God Folk. 19 sessions: Moses, David, Solomon, Elijah, Mary and Joseph, John the Baptist, Jesus, Joseph and his brothers, Esther.06- 08BiblecurriculumCD WL UU
UU SUPER HEROESBrown, Gaia200419 sessions, to show how lives confirm UU principles, and growing spiritually and ethically.06- 09UUcurriculumCD UU
COMPASS POINTSBrown, Gaia; Richards, Michelle; Stafford, Terry2006Year- long curriculum for graders 6- 8 (expandable to high school) to explore themselves, their beliefs, their UU faith, their relationships with others and the world.11- 13UUcurriculumCD
TREASURE HUNTING- TAKE TWOBrown, Gaia; Schneider, Ellen;2004Revised, updated version, 35 sessions in active search of principles: "Treasuring Ourselves and Others", "Treasuring Our Church and Our Religion", " Treasuring Our Neighbors and Our Planet Home" [First version04- 07UUcurriculumCD WL
BUDDHISMBrown, Rachel19988 one hour sessions. Activity- based lessons on life and teachings of Buddha. Focuses on hwo tp teach Buddhism rather than on content of Buddhism. Also can be used for people new to Buddhism.09- 14Religionscurriculum
ISLAMBrown, Rachel20009 one hour sessions.Activity- based lessons introducing the beliefs, history and traditions of Islam. Includes growth of Islam in US. Content- oriented rather than experiential.09- 11ReligionscurriculumUU
SENSES, THE: OUR ACCESS TO THE LIVING EARTHBrownfield, Beth19956 session curriculum. Explores the senses, with some discussion on how the sense relates to spiritual, practice. Brownfield.05- AdultUniversecurriculumWL
FROM AFRICA TO AMERICAN AND ONWARD: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSICAL HISTORYBrownfield, BethIntergenerational service weaves history, music and dance of African Americans and U Us: Rush, Kemble, Stowe, Parker, Jordan, Willis, Liuzzo, Reeb, Homes, Young05- AdultWorshipcurriculum
UU's MAKE A DIFFERENCEBrownfield, Beth2003Resource for teaching UU History and notable UUs. Over 200 pages of resources, curriculum, activities. Gives clear picture or UU heritage and history.AllUU
WINTER HOLIDAYS FROM A UU PERSPECTIVEBrownfield, BethSolstice, Advent and Christmas ideas, written for parentsAdultCeleb.
UU's MAKE A DIFFERENCE: BIOGRAPHICAL CARDS, SERIES I, II, III, IVBrownfield, BethFeaturing people throughout history who have helped define our Unitarian Universalist Tradition. Close to 100 UUs on cards with pictures and biographic sketches.05- AdultUU
WATERBrownfield, Beth2002Personal collection of facts, stories, writing poetry, visualizations, songs.03- AdultStories
JOURNEY TO COMMUNITY: A TRANSFORMATIVE, EXPERIENTIAL, DIVERSITY MODELBrownfield, Beth2000Model for diversity learning that is transformational, experiential, possible personal reflection. Various formats.AdultAntibiascurriculum
TREE OF LIFE, THEBrownfield, Beth2002Personal resource collection of stories, Tibetan folk tale, guided meditation, facts, poems.03- 18Stories
COMING OF AGE CURRICULUMBrownfield, Beth Prairie Star District1982Coming of Age program throught a series of retreats. Prairie Star District.14- 15Youthcurriculum
PERSPECTIVE ON THE BIBLEBruner, Edna1966From Archaeological Findings, Biblical Research, Histories D411of Related Cultures. UUABible
ROLE OF SCIENCE IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONBruner, Edna1965The importance of including science as theme and methodology in religious education.AdultPhilos.
STORY OF JESUSBuck, Florence1932 1917Story of Jesus from encounter with Joh the Baptist to Resurrection. Heart of the gospel is love, forgiveness, preparedness, service. To be used with The Gospel of Jesus aby Clayton R. Bowen. Pupil's notebook.13BibleBeacon
HEAVEN, HELL & IN BETWEENBuehrens, John1989Study guide for "The Devil & Dr. Church," "Entertaining Angels," & "The Seven Deadly Virtues." UUAAdultSpiritualitycurriculum
UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLEBuehrens, John2003 1988Basic Resources for Religious Liberals. Guide, focus on central religious themes of the Bible: revelation, creation, liberation, exaltation, redemption, incarnation, salvation. 8 sessions.UU Church of All Souls (Study guide: Religious Liberals Read the Bible, 1988.)AdultBibleBeacon Press Guides web UUAB09
RELIGIOUS LIBERALS READ THE BIBLEBuehrens, John1988Study/discussion guide to "Understanding the Bible" around 8 themes: creation, liberation,exaltation, frustration, redemption, incarnation, and salvation. Unitarian Church of All Souls, NY.AdultBiblecurriculum
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST POCKET GUIDEBuehrens, John, ed.19993rd edition. Essays by contemporary UUs summarizes beliefs, practices & history, bibliography. "Our Religious Education" by Makanah E. Morris. Used with "Religion and Life" UUAAdultUU
CHOSEN FAITH, ABuehrens, John; Church, Forrester1998UU history and suggestions for further reading. Study Guide available on line at
PAGANISM 101Bunn, Louise19989 sessions. New paganism, introduction, ritual, circling, elements, Goddess and God, wheel of the year, witchcraft. BunnAdultReligionscurriculumUU
WORDS TO LIVE BYBurch, Judith2004Creating a Personal Credo, 10 sessions: Connecting with Our story, Reflecting on Our Story, Our Search for Meaning, Big Questins, Beliefs and Values, Spirituality and Religion, Faith, Death as Our Teacher, Words to Live By, Living from the Inside Out14- YAUUWL
IT STARTS WITH ME!Burch, Judith2000Focuses on awareness of self as part of a community, importance of volunteerism,different forms of social activism, 5 projects. North Shore Unitarian Church10- 13Soc. Act.curriculumWL
OUR CHILDREN'S RELIGION: WHAT KIND DO WE WANT?Bush, Merrill1951Parents are essential part of a child's religious education, considering the nature of learning, applying principles through continual learning. Council of Liberal ChurchesUU Historical
GATHERED AROUND THE TREE OF LIFE: RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN'S CHAPELS AND INTERGENERATIONAL WORSHIPBushbaum, Laurie2003Guidelines for doing worship with children, services for: Apple Communion, Day of the Dead/All Saints Day, a general service, Chalice Sunday, Welcome Back Sunday, Thanksgiving, Poinsetta, MartingLuther King. Some stories are not included, but are included as Chapel Resources in Walking the Rainbow Path05- 08WorshipCD
WALKING THE RAINBOW PATHBushbaum, Laurie2002Celebrating All The Colors of Love. 28- 30 sessions, developmentally appropriate way for children to understand the UU Principles. Chapel Resources- Gathered Around the Tree of Life05- 08UUcurriculumCD WL
KINDREDButler, Octavia1988Modern black womanis snatched from her home and transported to antebellum South. Discussion guide.AdultAntibiasBeacon Press Guides web UUA
OUR PART IN THE WORLDCabot, Ella Lyman1933 1918God's plan for the earth and our responsibility for welfare of humankind. Includes extended sessions on "America and What It Stands For" and Qualities ThT Attract Success. Teacher's manual.15LifeBeacon
ABOUT YOUR SEXUALITYcalderwood, deryck1983 1978Has been replaced by Our Whole Lives. Major changes, outdated, do not use. [See Focus on a New Era, the history of AYS]12- AdultSexuality Historicalcurriculum
INVISIBLE MINORITYcalderwood, deryck; Szkodzinsky, Wasyl1980Homosexuals answer questions about themselves. 3 part sound filmstrip. 4- 6 sessions. UUA (1980c) [Suggest using Welcoming Congregation.]+ D27514- AdultSexualitycurriculum
POWER OF MYTH, THECampbell, Joseph; Moyers, Bill1988Video tapes, heros, myths, story- tellers, sacrifice & bliss, love & the goddess. 6 sessions. Study guide by Pat Carol.AdultSpiritualityvideo
NON- SEXIST CHILDRAISINGCarmichael, Carrie1977How you can help your children grow up free to be themselves. Beacon Press.Develop.
INTRODUCTION TO UNITARIANISMCarnes, Paul1958Assumptions and beliefs and practices. Adult Programs Dept., Council of Liberal Churches.AdultUU Historicalcurriculum
DR. SEUSS CHANGED MY LIFECartwright, Cathy2003Rituals, Lessons are based on 10 Dr. Seuss stories (not included) and includes The Church Where People Laugh by Gwen Foss and Cat’s Cradle by Camilla Gryski.D16307- 12UUcurriculumWL
WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN? CURRICULUM SUPPLEMENTCartwright, Cathy1996Supplement, to curriculum of Barbara Marshman. 25 lesson plans, 5 group building sessions.10- 11ReligionscurriculumWL
OUR WHOLE LIVES: GRADES 04- 06Casparian, Elizabeth; Goldfarb, Eva20008 sessions. Physical and emotional changes of puberty, values, communication, decision making. UUA09- 11SexualitycurriculumB09 WL UU
ANIMAL BABIES: Teacher's GuideChapman, Violet L.1959Teachers Guide for Animal Babies curriculum. Beacon06- 07Family HistoricalNew Beacon
WHAT IS RELIGIOUS EDUCATION?Cheetham, Henry1968Allowing children to have their own "room" or space to develop religiously.AdultPhilos.
UNITARIANISM & UNIVERSALISMCheetham, Henry1962An Illustrated History. Judeo- Christian heritage, from Jewish and Christian roots, early Christian groups, key events and personalities from Unitarian and Universalist history, forming the UUA. Illustrations by Roger Martin. Very readable, good overview.AdultUU Historical
RE EXPRESS PLUSChurch of the Larger FellowshipOng.Monthly, September through June, to email box of subscriber. Includes CLiF Notes, and easy- to- use, interactive curriculum; password to a searchable index of CLF's online religious education resources; a link to the monthly issue of KidTalk, a web page for children, parents and religious educators; and a link to the monthly REsources for Living column in Quest, the CLF newletter.06- 12UU, variesweb CLFCD
HANDBOOK OF RELIGIOUS SERVICESChurch of the Larger Fellowship1990Worship, Child Namings and Dedications, Wdding Services, Memorial Services, Readings and Meditiations.Church of the Larger FellowshipWorship
RESOURCES FOR STUDY & WORSHIPChurch, Forrest; Belletini, Mark1987Part of "what UUs Believe: Living Principles for a Living Faith". Essay for each principle, discussion groups, hymns, readings and responsive readings, guide for youth group discussions. UUA.AdultUU
UNITARIANISM AND UNIVERSALISMClark, Thaddeus B1962Guide for parentsUU
UNIVERSALISM: A RELIGION APPROPRIATE TO MANCloyd, Royal, ed.1959Adult Programs, CLC. Religion Appropriate to Our Time (Chareton Fisher), Tradition of Greatness (Ernest Cassara), Education for Dignity (Angus MacLean), Service to Man (Dana Klotzle), Future of Universalism (Philip Giles)AdultUU
WAR'S UNCONQUERED CHILDREN SPEAKCobb, Alice20 narratives of children in Europe and the Middle East who were displaced by war. Adult guide, "Refugees," by Alice Cobb15- AdultConflict HistoricalNew Beacon
OUR LIBERAL HERITAGECole, Alfred1951History of liberalism, American revolution, Hosea Ballou and William Ellery Channing, Universalist and Unitarian development for 150 years. Presentations at Ferry Beach, 1950, Council of Liberal Churches, BeaconAdultUU Historical
OUR SEVEN PRINCIPLES IN STORY AND VERSECollier, Kenneth1997Story, poem essay for each principle, for worship and individual reading. Collection for children and adults. Skinner HouseWorship
WEB WEAVERS, THECooke, D. Irma1964Beacon Science. Spiders & webs, knowing about something before we decide how we feel. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
HANDBOOK FOR THE COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION, ACouncil of Liberal Churches1955Committee membership, functions, staffing, connection in the congregation. 1955cAdmin. Historical
ORANGES AND OLIVESCronk, Nancy2004A Modern Interfaith Family Passover HaggadahAllReligions
MY UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST JOURNEYCuller, Brad; Tricco,Beverly; Warren, Mary19772 books, adults guide, workbookAdultUUcurriculum
OBJECTIVES OF LIBERAL RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, THECurriculum Study Committee1936Enlarges on the five objectives of liberal religious education: intelligent faith, character, values, church, social order.REBeacon Bulletin no. 29
MUSIC FOR JUNIOR & YOUTH CHOIRSCurtis, louise; Woodworth, Margaret1965Compiled by the Junior Choir Committee of the Mass Bay
BLESSING TO ALL BEINGS: ANTHOLOGY OF SPIRITUAL WIRITINGS/YRUUDaneman, Kathy, ed1998Creating effective worship, sermons, holilies, poems, spirituality resources. Youth Office.12- 18Spirituality
THEY CAST LONG SHADOWSDarling, Edward1969Eight people, some UUs- - Priestly, Stevenson, Anthony. BeaconAdultUU
SEXUALITY TALKING POINTSDavis, Melanie2006Interactive workbook helps parents/guardians identify sexual values and information to share with children/youth. Chapters: developmental stages, sexual language, privacy, peer pressure, body image, intimacy, etc. Thinking Points excercises: adults clarify their own view, initiate family conversation. Set includes the manual, a companion two- CD audio book, and a review of popular sex ed books. 82 pp., spiral bound.AdultSexualityCD
PRINCIPLED COMMITMENTDavis, Melanie; Haymaker, Stephanie; Hirschberg, Craig; Bellingham, Rick200812 workshops: A relationship program for committed couples: bring principles and values explicitly to their relationships.AdultFamilyTapestry on web
STRONG CONFRONTATION AS AN EDUCATIONAL TECHNIQUEDennis, Lawrence; Miller, Henry1971(1971c)AdultRE HistoricalExp.Cur.Dev.No.2
THINKING CRITICALLY AND FEELING: HALLMARKS OF UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISMDeutsch, Judy19864 sessions: Beginnings, Universalists, Unitarians, Role of the individualwithin the communityAdultUUcurriculum
DISCOVERING WHAT PEOPLE ARE LIKEDeutsch, Judy1973Awareness of abilities, feelings, problems of other people and ourselves. USA06- 09RE HistoricalNOW 2
DISCOVERING CHANGEDeutsch, Judy1971First Church of Belmont, MA. USA05- 07RE HistoricalNOW 1
TEACHERS, PROPHETS, PROTESTERSDeutsch, Judy1973Activists: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Socraties, etc. 13 sessions. UUA11- 14Issues HistoricalNOW 4
ON BEING HUMAN RELIGIOUSLY: STUDY GUIDEDeutsch, Judy1986Guide for book of same title by James Luther Adams. 23 sessions. UUAAdultSpiritualitycurriculum
BACKPACKER'S NOTEBOOKDiSciulla, Donna; Tino, Michael2004 2006Previously edition was called UU Backpacking. Young Adult/Campus Ministry. UUA18- 35UUcurriculumB09
UU BACK- PACKING: A FAITH FOR THE ROADDiSciullo, Donna1998Individualistic UU faith project done in community. Six paths to a rich and deep faith are identified. As each path is traversed, a blaze (patch). Young Adult/Campus Ministry Office [Updated as Backpacker's Notebook, 2004]18- 22UUcurriculum
DECISION MAKINGDodder, Clyde; Doder, Barbara1968Applied ethics, value judgments in life's choices.18 sessions. Good background on pre- adolescence and complexity of decision- making. Kit. UUA09- 12Issuescurriculum
DISCOVERING YOUR SEXUALITYDriver, Dorothy S.199311 units: understanding of physical and psychological changes of puberty. Gender identity, sex roles, body image, ejaculation and menstruation, masturbation, sexual development, etc.9- 11Sexualitycurriculum
NEW UU FOR KIDS AND YOUTHDunn, Connie20043 hour orientation, similar themes to New UU for Kids.05- 12UUweb authorCD
UNDER THE WISDOM TREEDunn, Connie33 sessions, plus 12 holiday sessions (225 pages). Teaches values, beliefs and cultural connections. Designed for churches with small groups of multi- aged children.03- 18ReligionscurriculumCD
CUTTING THE APRON STRINGSDunn, Connie; Dunn, Erin6- lesson course for mothers and their teenage daughter, designed to promote better communication on both sides of the mother- daughter partnership.13- 18SpiritualilyCD
MANY WATERSDunn, Connie; Dunn, Erin12 lessons to go with the book, Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle. Each lesson includes a summary, an activity and discussion questions.Many Waters is a novel about twin teenage boys who are blown back into the pre- flood days of Noah. The curriculum explores UU principles, and includes experiments, art projects, games and building an ark.10- 13ReligionscurriculumCD WL
CUTTING THE APRON STRINGSDunn, Connie; Dunn, Erin6- lesson course for mothers and their teenage daughter, designed to promote better communication on both sides of the mother- daughter partnership.13- 18Spiritualilycurriculum
NEW UU FOR KIDSDunn, Connie; Posa, Eric1998Four sessions: Who are You? Why We Need A Democratic Process, What is Truth and Right? We Need a Peaceful, Fair and Free World. Denton UU Fellowship, Denton, Texas. On line.05- 11UUweb authorCD WL
ODYSSEY: PATH OF KNOWLEDGEEcci, Sandra1981Self- directed study of religion for individuals, groups. 12 parts, 13 booklets, 2 guides, bibliography. UUAAdultSpiritualitycurriculum
TRAVEL IN TIMEEcklund, Lois E.1989Theodore Parker, Errold Collymore, Louisa May Alcott, etc. Uses time machine to discuss UU history, principles.(May also be done without time machine.) 16 sessions.UUA.10- 11UUcurriculumWL UU
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM FOR YOUNG PEOPLEEcklund, Lois; Rugh, LoisHistory, beliefs. UUA10- 14UUcurriculum
CONVERSATIONS WITH CHILDRENEdith, Hunter1961Ways to talk with children, interactions with children, stories & activities. Relates to actual experiences of childrenDevelop. Historical
CHILD OF THE SUNEdwards, Margaret Dulles1939A Pharoah pf Egypt. Egyptian culture. Book. Teacher's Guide, Parent Guide. Beacon07- 12ReligionsNew Beacon
PARTNERSHIP WAY, THEEisler, Riane; Love, David1990Sexual equality, nonviolence, harmony w/ nature. 9 sessions. Companion to The Chalice & the Blade. Harper Collins, UUAAdultUniversecurriculum
ANGEL OF MERCY: DOROTHEA LYNDS DIXElgin, Kathleen1971Narrative and quotes from Dix. UUAUU
NEW DRE WORKSHOP- SUMMER CONFERENCE FORMATEllenwood, Pat1997Six 2- hr. sessions including leadership, professional status and growth, spiritual growth, administrative details. Designed for weekend or week long summer conference. Developed by Mass Bay and NEIDRECOM. Wellsley Hills.AAdultAdmin.
SEARCH FOR RE LEADERSHIP: GOOD PRACTICES FOR UU CONGREGATIONSEllenwood, Pat, ed.2000Search process, assessment of position, financial responsibilities, resources. Web.AdultAdmin.
SURVIVING DIVORCE TOGETHERElleven, Russell K.20076 sessions. Divorce education, community outreach curriculum for progressive churches. Topics include: History of Marriage/Divorce, Emotions of Divorce, Finding Faith, Forgiveness, Moving Forward, and a Divorce Ritual. Download the Power Point Presentation and other items are included in the manual.AdultLifecurriculum web authorCD
FREED FOR HISTORYEngel, J. Ronald1964Religious education helps free people for participation in making personal and social history.AdultSoc. Act.
LIVING FAITH: TOOLBOX OF FAITHErslev, Kate200816 sessions: Duct tape symbolizes flexibility; a hammer, power; a seashell, listening; Unpacking symbolic tools of our faith, children experience and develop their relationships with key qualities that shape a UU identity, faith and personal call to action.09- 10UUTapestry web UUA
PICTURE BOOK WORLD RELIGIONSErslev, Kate Tweedie2006Based on 15 of the best picture books that tell stories from Hundi, Islamic and Buddhist faith traditions. Sample lessons as well as overview on her web site. Picture books not included.05- 07ReligionsCD UU
CHALICE CHILDRENErslev, Kate Tweedie199836 sessions Nurtures children's spiritual growth, creativity, UU community. Explores birth and death, making choices.Stories, activities, projects, with theme of the chalice. UUA03- 05UUcurriculumB09 CD WL UU
SPIRIT OF ADVENTUREErslev, Kate Tweedie2006UU Identity for 2- 5th grades. 35 sessions, grouped under the topics of Sports, Medicine, Food, Science, Building, Exploring, Web of Life, various Holidays. Creative activities, and focus on UUs.07- 10UUcurriculumWL UU
FULL CIRCLEErslev, Kate Tweedie2007Fifteen Ways to Grow Lifelong UUs. Explores the 15 threads that lifelong UUs identified as critical in their commitment to their faith. Erslev surveyed and interviewed 82 men and women from ages 25 to 87 who were raised as UUs.AdultUUCD
SPIRITUALITY OF CHILDREN, THEErslev, Kate, Ed.2001Two- part workshop for parents by Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates and Cynthia Wade. Activities and resources. Erslev.AdultFamilycurriculumCD
UU IDENTITY FOR ADULTSErslev,Kate TweedieSmall Group Ministry and Young Adult Guide. 10 Sessions, designed for various settings for Young Adults, particularly related to campus ministry. Written for the Young Adult/Campus Ministry office. OnlineYoung AdultUUSmall Group Ministry web UUACD
TRADITIONS WITH A WINK!Erslev,Kate Tweedie2000Over 250 pages of activities, 44 lesson plans, teacher information, coming of age celebration. Draws from UU Kids Book. Erslev09- 11UUcurriculumCD WL UU
ESSEX CONVERSATIONS: VISIONS FOR LIFESPAN RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONEssex Conversations Com.200131 essays on all aspects of Unitarian Universalist Religious Education, with focus on the future. Skinner (Reader for Philosophy Renaissance Module)UU
AFRICA'S PAST:IMPACT ON OUR PRESENTEubanks, Musa1976African- American heritage, slavery. 8 sessions. Kit. Leader's Guide. Use more current material on diversity. UUA12- AdultSoc. Act. Historicalkit
AROUND THE CHURCH, AROUND THE YEAREvans- Tiller, Jan1990UU principles, church setting, rituals, chalice, celebrations & holidays, including Flower Communion. 34 sessions. UUA05- 07UUcurriculumB09 WL UU
WHEN IS SCIENCE STUDY RELIGIOUS EDUCATION?Fahs, Sophia1959Discusses the similarities and differences between science study and religious education.RE Historical
NEW MINISTRY TO CHILDREN, AFahs, Sophia1962Multiple topics: freedom of religion, faith, concept of God, use of the Bible, etc. (1962c)AdultReligions
BEGINNINGS OF MYSTICISM IN CHILDREN'S GROWTHFahs, Sophia1950Development and teaching mysticism.Spirituality
IT MATTERS WHAT WE BELIEVEFahs, Sophia1962Beliefs are developed from experiences rather than in words.AdultReligions
LEADING CHILDREN IN WORSHIPFahs, Sophia1943Suggestions in planning worship. Trees, people, God, snowflakes, Johnny Appleseed, Luther Burbank05- 15Worship, Historical
JESUS, THE CARPENTER'S SONFahs, Sophia1945Story of Jesus, including telling stories of healings, parables. Adult guide, guide for teachers, guide for parents for 1945 edition (by Leona Hay). UUA11- 12BibleNew Beacon
DEVELOPING CONCEPTS OF GOD WITH CHILDRENFahs, Sophia1965Development of the concepts of God in the human experience and for the child.Spirituality
WORSHIPPING TOGETHER WITH QUESTIONING MINDSFahs, Sophia1965Examples of services. Beacon09- 15Worship
FROM LONG AGO & MANY LANDS: STORIES FOR CHILDREN TOLD ANEWFahs, Sophia1995 1984 1948Second edition (1+ D222995): Reprint of 41 stories, new story from Native American tradition. Teachers Guide by Patricia Hoertdoefer: program enrichment through dramatics, art, music, creative movement, games, social service projects.Skinner.07- 09StoriesNew BeaconB09
OLD STORY OF SALVATION, THEFahs, Sophia1957 1955Seven great ages of time, focus on man/god relationship. Starr King Press13- 14BibleNew Beacon
TODAY'S CHILDREN & YESTERDAY'S HERITAGEFahs, Sophia L.1961Traditional instruction & underlying philosophy of religious education. Introduces New Beacon. Still useful. UUA (1961c)RE
BEGINNINGS: EARTH & SKY- VOLUME IFahs, Sophia L.1946 1938Leading curriculum when written. Teacher's Guide, workbooks. See Beginning: Earth, Sky: Life & Death. Starr King Press09- 12Stories Historicalcurriculum
BEGINNINGS: EARTH, SKY, LIFE & DEATHFahs, Sophia L.; Spoerl, Dorothy1958Updated from previous books, more focus on science . Reference, outdated information. Teacher's Guide is "Exploring Beginnings" workbooks. Guide for Parents (1963). Starr King Press09- 12StoriesNew BeaconWL
BEGINNINGS: LIFE & DEATH- VOLUME IIFahs, Sophia L.; Spoerl, Dorothy1946 1938Reference, needs update re later theories. Teacher's Guide, workbooks. See Beginning: Earth, Sky, Life & Death. Starr King Press Student workbook 193909- 12Stories Historicalcurriculum
SHOULD PEGGY AND PETER PRAY?Fahs, Sophia Lyon1974Looks at books about prayer, approaches to prayer. CLFSpirituality
OLD TALES FOR A NEW DAYFahs, Sophia; Cobb, Alice1993 1980Ancient myths around conflict, life goals, sharing responsibilities, rewards and punishment. Teacher Manual: "Exploring Basic Issues with Young People." UUA09- 15Storiescurriculum
CHURCH ACROSS THE STREETFahs, Sophia; Manwell, Reginald1962 1946Introduction to 15 faiths. Teacher's guide. (Guide for parents with 1962 edition, by Barbara Marshall) See "Neighboring Faiths", 1997 UUA13- 14Religions HistoricalNew Beacon
RELIGION IN LIFE: GIRLSFakolt, Grace; Skwire, Marjorie; Sprague, Elzabeth1999 1992 1981Independent study program for girls, can be used for Girl Scout emblem. "Love & Help" can be used as the workbook. UUA12- 14UUcurriculumB09 UU
LIFE JOURNEYFenderson, Caroline1988Explores life perspective at all ages, including observations, experiences with various ages. 28 sessions. UUA12- 15Issuescurriculum
SOUTHERN SHORESFenderson, Caroline1964Beacon Science. Survival, coral, sharks and shells. 6 units. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
MAGNETSFenderson, Caroline; et al.1961Beacon Science. Types, uses of magnets, forces, scientific methods of seeking anwers. 5 units. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
SHORT SERMONS FOR CHILDRENFenn, Dan Huntington1941Sermons to Junior Churches in Taunton and Chestnut Hill, MA 1926- 1941, organized by month.Worship
STARTING FROM SCRATCHFields, Ann; et al.2002 1994 1989How to Begin Your Own RE Progrem for Children and Youth. Excellent ideas for programs of any size or age; suggestions, model programs, resources, structure. 2002 edition Adds chapters on safety (Ch.6) and on issues facing churches (ch.15). UUAAdultAdmin.
WE BELIEVE: LEARNING & LIVING OUR UU PRINCIPLESFields, Ann; et al.1998 1990Focuses on the 7 principles, 3 sessions per principle, activities, songs. Can be used in entirety or selected sessions.(1990 has workbook) CLF, UUA03- AdultUUcurriculumWL UU
NOTHING EVER HAPPENS AND HOW IT DOESFisher, Dorothy; Cleghorn, Sarah1943 194016 stories on relational issues: interracial, group dynamis, acceptance. Review for culture, language.Guide by Grace Mayer- Oakes. Beacon11- 18Stories Historical
RISE UP AND CALL HER NAMEFisher, Elizabeth2007 1994Ancient & modern goddess images, participatory rituals, contemporary & older art. 13 sessions. For women & men. UU Women's Felllowship [2007 is basically reformatting, with DVD and CD[AdultSpiritualityUU
GENDER JUSTICEFisher, Elizabeth; MacKay, Linda Gray1996Women's Rights Are Human Rights. Produced by UU Service Committee following UN World Conference on Women in Bejing, 1995. Focuses on local action. 6 sessions, 2- 3hrs.AdultWomencurriculumUU
CONVERSATIONS WITH 50 MILLION- YEAR- OLD CLAM- WORSHIP SERVICESFisher, Judith; McKeel, Jane1989Six fully- scripted worship services for children on ecology, joy & sorrow and the miracle of life; four intergenerational worship services; suggestions for music, props & reading resources. (1989c)Worship
TOUCHING THE INFINITEFisher, Judith; McKeel, Jane1989Creative Children's Worhsip: A Lay Leader's Manual. Practical, insightful directions for designing services for children; focuses on sensitivity, reflection, celebration. UUA 1989 c03- AdultWorship
SEASONS OF HOPE, CIRCLES OF LOVEFisher, Judy; McKeel, Jane19898 intergenerational celebrations: winter solstice, Christmas, Moravian Love Feast, Farewell, UU Passover Seder, celebration of earth, clelbration of religious education. Background on celebrations. UUA03- AdultCeleb.
MOSES: EGYPTIAN PRINCE, NOMAD, SHEIK, LAWGIVERFlight, John1951 1942Life and decisions of Moses. Book and "Guide for Teachers" (Edna Acheson, Sophia Fahs, 1942), Guide for Parents (Gene Navais). Beacon09- 12BibleNew Beacon
DRAMA OF ANCIENT ISRAELFlight, John; Fahs, Sophia1954 1949Old Testament story. Teacher's Guide (Elsie Bush), Parent Guide to 1949 ed. (Lois Lewis). Reference, Beacon13- 14BibleNew Beacon
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION IN THE SMALL MEMBERSHIP CHURCHFoltz, Nancy, ed1990RE Press. Good background material.RE
ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT OF JUNIOR CHOIRS, THEFoote, Henry Wilder1935Numbers and ages, rehearsals, robes, mucisal selection, performances, relationship of ministery to choir.MusicBeacon Bulletin no. 28
ADAPTING SMALL GROUP MINISTRY FOR CHILDREN'S RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, VOLUME IIForsyth- Vail, Gail200627 additional worship and small group ministry session plans: from the Jewish and Christian scriptures, social justice projects, evolution, the interdependent web, and a "Great Debates about God" series. Extensive material background and storytelling notes on the worship stories.05- 12ReligionsSGM curriculumCD
STORIES IN FAITHForsyth- Vail, Gail200719 tales re, principles and sources. Reflections on meaning for UUs and for congregations.05- AdultUUCD
ADAPTING SMALL GROUP MINISTRY FOR CHILDREN'S RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, VOLUME IForsyth- Vail, Gail2003Implementation of Small Group Ministry model for children’s religious education, from concept, to implementation with 31 sample sessions, focusing on wisdom stories. Information about what was done, what was learned, outcomes during the first two years.05- 12ReligionsSGM curriculumUU WL CD
WHO'S WHO OF U.U.S, AFoss, Gwen2003 1995 1993 1990Concise biographical compendium of Prominent, Famous and Noteworthy Unitarians, Universalis and UU's. Excellent. Clear delineation of who is/is not included. (1995 shows connections)Resource
YEAR WITH OUR LIBERAL HERITAGE, AFrank, Willard C. Jr.1984Book. Vignettes about UUs. Not copyrighted. UUA03- AdultUU
OUR WHOLE LIVES: SEXUALITY AND OUR FAITH, ADULTS: COMPANION TOFrediani, Judith2000Religious supplement nutures rreligious values of respect, relationship, responsibility. UUAAdultSexualitycurriculumB09
TEACHING FUNCTION OF THE LIBERAL CHURCH, THEFritchman, Stephen H.1933Liberal church is an educational enterprise. Traces history of teaching church from early Christian beginnings,RE HistoricalBeacon Bulletin no. 26
NEW ENGLAND SHORESFrost, Hildreth S.1961Beacon Science. Sea's Edge, gulls, environment, animals. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
GROWING TOGETHERGale, Greg2000Guide for building inspired, diverse, and productive youth communities.12- 18Youth
LESSONS OF LOSS: A LIFESPAN CURRICULUM ON DEATH, DYING, LOSSGalginaitis, Carol19984 week curriculum with 5 levels, including adult. Includes teacher orientation and bibliography06- AdultIssuescurriculumWL UU
ETHICS AND MORAL JUDGMENT IN CHILDRENGallagher, James1966A Pilot Investigation. Explores ethhical and moral judgments of fifth graders.008Issues HistoricalExploring Curriculum Development No.1
PEACE & WAR, MANMADEGalt, Thomas1962Background of wars in history. BeaconAdultConflict Historical
STARTING SMALLGary, Blaine; Blaugrund, Jo1991Activating Your Congregation on Children's Issues. Grade specific sections with different problems. Starts with self and broadens to the world. At least 6 sessions/age group. UU Service Committee03- AdultIssuescurriculum
MEETINGS AT THE MOON: SPIRITUAL JOURNEY FOR PRE- TEEN GIRLS/THEIR MOTHERSGiannino, Joanne1999Honoring the body, mind, emotion, spiritual selves, celebrating journey.10- AdultSpiritualitycurriculum
IN CONTEXTGibb, Sarah2003A Study of the About Your Sexuality Curriculum and Its Times. M Div thesis, Harvard Divinity SchoolSexuality
ADVOCACY MANUAL FOR SEXUAL EDUCATION, HEALTH AND JUSTICEGibb, Sarah1999Guidelines for introducing comprehensive sexuality education into congregations. Use with "Our Whole Lives", UUA05- AdultSexualityB09 UU
BUILDING YOUR OWN THEOLOGY II: EXPLORINGGilbert, Richard2005 1983Explore, articulate religious values & beliefs. Follow- up of BYOT I. 10 sessions. UUA Out of print.AdultSpiritualitycurriculumB09 UU
HOW MUCH DO WE DESERVE?Gilbert, Richard1996 1990An Inquiry into Distributive Justice. Includes study guide.AdultSoc. Act.currriculumB09
PROPHETIC IMPERATIVE, THEGilbert, Richard2000 1980Guide for each chapter of the "The Prophetic Imperative" second edition (1980, 2000, Skinner House). Guide for 9 sessions, Second edition.AdultSoc. Act.web UUA
BUILDING YOUR OWN THEOLOGY IGilbert, Richard2000 1978Explore, articulate religious values & beliefs. 10 sessions. UUAAdultSpiritualitycurriculumB09 UU
BUILDING YOUR OWN THEOLOGY III: ETHICSGilbert, Richard S.1995Variety of ethical scenarios, real- life implications. 8 sessions, reading and resource material, bibliography. UUAAdultIssuescurriculumB09 UU
ETHICSGilbert, Richard S.1994Exploration in Personal Morality. Variety of ethical scenarios, real- life implications. 8 sessions, readings and resource material, bibliography. BYOT III. UUAAdultIssuescurriculum
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION & SOCIAL ACTION: BRANCHES OF THE SAME TREEGilbert, Richard; Nelson, Roberta19842 talks at National Worship on Social Justice. Social Action as integral part of congregation and religious education. UUAAdultSoc. Act.
PEOPLE LIKE US: STORIES ABOUT UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTSGillis, Elizabeth198830 brief stories of historical Unitarians and Universalists for children. Gillis.05- AdultUU
BEACON SCIENCE SERIES, THE: GUIDE FOR PARENTSGilson, Pauline1961Description of children, the series, and ways to use the Beacon Science Series. Beacon08- 09Parent HistoricalBeacon Science
ROOTS OF OUR STRENGTHGitalin- Emmer, Susan1980Stories of 31 Unitarian and Universalist women.AdultUU
MIGRATING BIRDS, THEGivens, Janet1964Beacon Science. Bird migration, studies, banding. 6 units. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
MARKETPLACE 29 A.D.Goetz, Betty; Bomberger, Ruth1989A Bible Times Experience. Historical background material, crafts, activities, on life and people in Judeo Christian culture. Needs large space. Intergenerational.03- AdiultBiblecurriculumWL
IN OUR HANDS: GRADES 1- 3Goldenberg, Samuel; Hunting, Eleanor; Thomson, Mary198916 sessions focus on self- worth, own experiences & exploring nature & peaceful world. UUA05- 08Soc. Act.curriculumB09 WL UU
OUR WHOLE LIVES: GRADES 10- 12Goldfarb, Eva; Casparian, Elizabeth200012 sessions. Knowledge, life principles and skills. UUA15- 17SexualitycurriculumB09
FEAR AND ANXIETY IN YOUNG CHILDRENGoodenough, Evelyn1961Distinguishing between fear and anxiety, support and management, families. UUAFamily Historical
UP, UP AND AWAY:UNIVERSALIST JOURNEYS FOR AGES EIGHT TO TENGooding, Margaret199415 session program to learn about the values and lives of Universalists: Georgene Brown, Hosea Ballou, Clinton Lee Scott, George Rogers, Augusta Chapin, Clarence Skinner, Dorothy Spoerl, Judith Murray.08- 10UUcurriculum
STEPPING STONE YEAR, AGooding, Margaret1993 1990Values formation, myths, stories from science, Unitarian Universalists, decision- making. 35 sessions. UUA08- 11UUcurriculumWL UU
WHEN UNIVERSALISM CAME TO CANADAGooding, Margaret1996Stories of Canadian Universalist history, of community/individuals. Twelve sessions. Resource for worship, sermons, curriculum, with focus on communities held together in love and justice. UUA08- 11UUcurriculum
CANADIANS, THE: ADVENTURES OF OUR PEOPLEGooding, Margaret1985Canadian UUs, activities & readings. Berrill, Slykhuis, Urquart, Bruner, Von Kunits, Stowe, Stefanson, MacLean, Hitschmanova, Lismer. 11 plans. Book & leader guide. Canadian Unitarian Council05- AdultUUcurriculum
POEMS FOR GROWING TIMESGooding, Margaret1980Poems for seasons, friends, various holidays, animals, self. For use with Growing Times.03- 06Develop.
EXPLORING OUR ROOTSGooding, Margaret1988Learning the value of the religious heritage of the local congregation.09- 11UUcurriculum
GROWING UP YEAR, AGooding, Margaret1988 1975 1972Self- knowledge, interpersonal awareness, Jewish and Christian heritage, comparative religions, Uuism, 26 sessions. (Participant Packet 1988) UUA11- 13Religions
HUMAN HERITAGE, PART IGoodwin, Joan1971Biological evolution, awareness of total life process. Needs update updating. 15 sessions. Kit. UUA08- 11UniverseKit
HUMAN HERITAGE, PART IIGoodwin, Joan1972Archeological, genetic, historic materials related to cultural development. Needs updating. 15 sessions. UU+ D256A08- 11UniverseKit
GIVING BIRTH TO OURSELVESGoodwin, JoanA History of the Liberal Religious Educators Association: 1949- 1999. Evolution LREDA and it's themes and accomplishments over the organization's first 50 years. Photos and listings of LREDA presidents, conferences, and speakers. LREDAHistory
CHOSEN FAITH, A: STUDY GUIDEGoodwin, Joan19916 sessions for individuals and groups A Chosen Faith by Buerhens.AdultUUcurriculum
LEARNING IS FUNGorton, MiriamSummer family conference through the eyes of a 9 year old.09RE
WONDERFUL HEART, THEGoudsmit, Hellen1964Beacon Science. Understanding the heart & its function, the heart as a symbol. 7 units. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
MARTIN & JUDY FOR PARENTS AND TEACHERSGould, Josephine1939Guide for "Martin & Judy" (1939c)03- 06Family HistoricalNew Beacon
RESOURCE BIBLIOGRAPHYGould, Josephine1973Annotated listing to supplement curriculum published by UUAAdultResource
SO YOU'RE GOING TO TEACH KINDERGARTENGould, JosephineCouncil of Liberal Churches.RE Historical
SENSORY EXPERIENCES WITH YOUNG CHILDRENGould, Josephine1971Discussion and lessons for using senses with young children. 5 sessions.05- 08Universe Historicalcurriculum
ENJOY THESE BOOKSGould, Josephine1965Guide for "Grandfather and I" and "Little House of Your Own." Beacon03- 05RE Historical
GROWING WITH NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN CHILDRENGould, Josephine1960Background material on organizing programs, working with parents. Information for "Martin and Judy" stories. Beacon03- 06Family Historical
DIRECTORY OF STORIES FOR TEACHERS AND PREACHERS, AGould, Josephine T.1975From UUA Kits and Beacon Press Cources, Pamphlets abd Leaflets and Other Fine Sources.Storytelline, souces, stories listed by themes. REACH. 1975cResource
WHAT IS REAL?Gould, Josephine; Gould, Lawrence1964Beacon Science. Using senses, experience & meaning. 7 units. Beacon08- 12Universe Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
TEACHING PRIMARY CHILDRENGould, Josephine; Lindberg, Lucille; Spitzer, Jannette1957Working with children, p;rogram planning, exploring & self- expression. Worship, stories, group experiences, problem areas. Starr King Press05- 07Develop. Historical
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FOR THE PRE- NURSERY CHILDGould, Josephine; Lindberg, Lucille; Spoerl, Dorothy1959Religious education of the young child is to be done in the home. Developmental discussion, good ideas. Council of Liberal Churches (1959c)AdultRE Historical
GIFT OF LIFE, THEGould, Josephine; Manwell, Elizabeth; Spoerl, Dorothy1942Guide for "Brand New Baby" and "Growing Bigger." Beacon03- 06Family Historicalcurriculum
TIMELESS THEMESGowdy, Nannene; Moore, Mary Ann1991Bible stories using current language. Songs, games, role plays, activities. 34 sessions. Leaders Guide w/ bibliography, glossary of biblical terms, resources, handouts. Tape of songs. UUA08- 09BibleB09 WL UU
WHAT IS MARRIAGE FOR? READING AND DISCUSSION GUIDEGraff, E.J.2000To accompany book of same title by E.J. Graff; 2 sessions. BeaconAdultIssuesBeacon Press Guides web UUA
RACE TO JUSTICE- RACIAL JUSTICE/DIVERSITY PROGRAM FOR JUNIOR HIGHGray, Robin; Frediani, Judith; Marquez, Jose Ballester1995Covenants, heritage, prejudice, racism in media and life; 15 sessions, role play, life stories, games, video project and celebration, handouts, bibliography. UUA13- 14AntibiascurriculumWL UU
CHALLENGE OF FEAR, THEGreen, Maurice R.1962Historic review of reasons for fear; developmental fears. UUADevelop.
HUMAN CONNECTIONS: RELIGIOUS LIBERAL'S ACTION PLANGreenspan, Thomas1981Focuses on youth and adult relationships in a congregation. UUA14- 20Youth
UNDERSTANDING OURSELVES AND OUR FEELINGSGuild, Vivian1975Understanding self and feelings, developing a sense of self, sessions on anger, jealousy, joy, love, wonder, fear,shyness, friendship. UUA03- 07Develop.NOW 7
TOGETHER TIMEGWAREC2003Worship ideas from members and friends of the Greater Washington Area RE Council. Includes services on UU principles, holidays, celebrations.03- AdultWorshipCD
WINDMILLS, WORSHIP AND WONDER- IDEAS FOR INTERGENERATIONAL WORSHIPGWAREC: Crowley, Abby1996Worship ideas from members and friends of the Greater Washington Area RE Council. Includes services on UU principles, holidays, celebrations. GWARAC03- AdultWorshipCD
TIME TO SPEAK, AHaffner, Debra1998Status of various faith traditions related to sexuality education. Written as OWL was in process. Nice overview but might be dated.Sexuality
SPIRIT OF LIFEHamilton- Holway, Barbara20089 workshops: An introduction to spirituality for Unitarian UniversalistsAdultSpiritualityTapestry web UUA
EVENSONG VOLUME 2Hamilton- Holway, Barbara20028 sessions, Childhood Memory and Knowing, Scripture and Story, Prayer and Spiritual Practice, Fear, Generosity, Hospitality and the Stranger, Being Alive, Beliefs and Actions.SkinnerAdultWorshipB09 UU
EVENSONG FOR FAMILIESHamilton- Holway, Barbara20068 weekly worhsip gatherings to foster communication with families and church communities. Skinner House.WorshipB09
EVENSONG VOLUME 1Hamilton- Holway, Barbara19998 sessions, Beginning, Religious/Spiritual Experiences, The Divine, The Human, Divine Made Manifest, Community, Endings, Ministry. SkinnerAdultWorshipB09 UU
HOW TO BE A CON ARTIST: YOUTH CONFERENCE PLANNING HANDBOOKHappel, Jason; Leite, Adam; Murphy, Christine; Parsa, Parisa; Riley, Meg; Rising, Julie1992Getting started, specific ages, behavior guidelines. A MUST for youth programming. Youth Office, UUA12- 18Youth
EXPLORING OUR SPIRITUALITY THROUGH POETRYHarris, Karen200810 workshops: uses poetry to explore our connections to our values and each other. Includes a poetry slam.14- 18SpiritualityTapestry UUA web
IT'S PERFECTLY NORMALHarris, Robie1994Broad discussion of sexuality, great diversity. Use with OWL and other sexuality programs. Candlewick Press09- 11Sexuality
ARE WE FAILING OUR CHILDREN?Harris, W. Edward1974Examines the deficiencies in curriculum and program for young adults, and explores involving youth and young adults in religious education. BeaconRE HistoricalExplorations in Curric. Development No.5
TEACHING TECHNIQUES FOR THE JUNIOR HIGH TEACHERHarrison, Alice1962Characteristics of a Junior Higher, growth patterns, preparation, teaching techniques, participation. UUA12- 13Develop. Historical
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FOR THE JUNIOR HIGHERHarrison, Alice1964Emphasizes all phases of church related activities: church school class, worship, youth group, rally, summer camp. UUA13- 14RE Historical
RE FOR THE JUNIOR YOUTHHarrison, Alice M.1964Youth
SEEKING TRUTH: WONDERFUL WELCOMEHauser, Aisha; Lawrence, Susan200816 sessions: intangible gifts such as love, friendship, protection, invitation and welcome. Ways they give and receive in their own lives and become empowered to make their gifts seen, heard and felt.05- 06UUTapestry web UUA
WHO DO MEN SAY THAT I AM?Heinz, Susanna Wilder1965Book about the teachings of Jesus. Leader's Guide (Charles Forman,ed,1966). Beacon UUAAdultBiblecurriculum
SKY AND I, THEHeritch, Kay; Burr, James1965Spacer Program for Second Grade. 6 sessions. Prepared and took a space trip to a planet that Third graders had made. RE Packet August 1965.07- 08UniverseCurriculum in Action#14
PEACE EXPERIMENTSHermsey, Terry1985Age- appropriate and intergenerational peace activities, everyday events. 5 sessions. First UU Church, Columbus, O.05- 18Soc. Act.curriculumWL
NEW UU, THEHighsmith, Jean; McLaughlin, Mary Nell;Schmidt, Jack1980Lifespan series. Orientation for new members, personal odyssey, learning about Uuism, stucture, issues. 4 sessions. UUA [Bkst2000]AdultUUUU
ABRAHAMHill, Dorothy B.1957His Heritage and Ours. History, background of the region where he lived. Reference. Beacon15- AdultBibleNew Beacon
MARTIN & JUDY, II - - IN SUNSHINE & RAINHills, Verna; Fahs, Sophia1967 1939See Vol. I. Guide: "Growing with Nursery & Kindergarten Children." Leaflests. Beacon04- 05Family HistoricalNew Beacon
MARTIN & JUDY, III - - PLAYING & LEARNINGHills, Verna; Fahs, Sophia1967 1939See Vol. I & II. Guide: "Growing with Nursery & Kindergarten Children" and "Suggestions for Activities for Nursery Groups". Leaflests. Beacon05- 06Family HistoricalNew Beacon
MARTIN & JUDY, I - - IN THEIR LITTLE HOUSESHills, Verna; Fahs, Sophia1959 1939Nature, living things, death, sickness,relations, growth in inner strength. Review for cultural, gender issues.Guide: "Growing with Nursery & Kindergarten Children". Leaflets. Beacon03- 04Family HistoricalNew Beacon
OUR WHOLE LIVES: SEXUALITY AND OUR FAITH, GRADES K- 01: COMPANION TOHoertdoefer, Patricia; Morris, Makanah1999Religious supplement nurtures religious values of respect, relationship, responsibility. UUA05- 06SexualitycurriculumB09
OUR WHOLE LIVES: SEXUALITY AND OUR FAITH, GRADES 04- 06: COMPANION TOHoertdoefer, Patricia; Morris, Makanah1999Religious supplement nutures rreligious values of respect, relationship, responsibility. UUA09- 12SexualitycurriculumB09
SAFE CONGREGATION HANDBOOKHoertdoerfer, Pat; Muir, Frederick2005Nurturing Healthy Boundaries in Our Faith CommunitiesSafetyB09 UU
FROM LONG AGO & MANY LANDS: STORIES FOR CHILDREN TOLD ANEWHoertdoerfer, Patricia1995Developed the Teacher's Guide included at the end of the Second Edition.07- 09StoriescurriculumB09
OUR WHOLE LIVES: PARENT GUIDE: GRADES K- 01 AND GRADES 04- 06Hoertdoerfer, Patricia2000Session by session guide to what children will learn. Helps parents answer children's questions. UUAAdultSexualitycurriculumB09
CREATING SAFE CONGREGATIONSHoetdoefer, Patricia; Sinkford, William1997Workbook addressing issues of sexual abuse and interpersonal violence. Process guide/essays. Just relations, congregational healing, congregational leadership in right relations, creating covenant. UUASafety
WORSHIP FOR JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL AGEHoffman, Katherine1961Theory and samples for developing worship.12- 14Worship
BEACON SERIES IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, THEHollerorth, Hugo, ed196618th printing. Background on faith and meaning. Complete listing of series materials. Beacon PressRE HistoricalBeacon Series
FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITYHolleroth, Hugo1983Liberal religious values: freedom, sensitivity, honesty, self- discipline. Examples need updating. 25 sessions. USA.12- 14Issueskit
HAUNTING HOUSEHolleroth, Hugo1974Explores being at home with self and in the world, including animal homes. 45 sessions. Need space and continuity in attendance.USA05- 07Develop.Kit
OUR EXPERIENCING, BELIEVING AND CELEBRATINGHolleroth, Hugo197932 sessions, worship, values, religious idealogies, Judeo- Christian heritage, UUA structure. Part II of "The Way We Are" UUAAdultReligionscurriculum
RELATING TO OUR WORLDHolleroth, Hugo1974Philosophy of religious education reflected in the multimedia curricula. UUAAdultRE Historical
STONE HOUSE CONVERSATIONSHolleroth, Hugo1979Papers, discussions to help congregations in the development of religious education programs.AdultRE Historical
FOCUS ON A NEW ERAHolleroth, Hugo1967The Making of a Curriculum. Background for About Your SexualitySexualityThe Register- Leader, April 1967
YRUU: FIVE YEAR REVIEW OF PROGRAMS FOR YOUTH, AHotchkiss, Daniel; Blakey, Larisa; Conn, Miki; Harnar, Ann; Ibrahim, Laila; Navias, Euguene; Scott, Rebecca1989Review of youth programming, recommendations for action. UUA14- 18Youth
FAITHFUL FOOTSTEPSHunt, Joan1992 1987Bible Stories. Old & New Testament, 29 sessions. UU Christian Fellowship08- 10BiblecurriculumWL UU
FAITH FOOTSTEPHunt, Joan1992Bible Stories For Primary Ages. 28 lesson plans w/ activities, stories, discussion questions, projects, songs, graces. UU Christian Fellowship/First Parish Church, Weston05- 07BiblecurriculumWL
SOPHIA FAHSHunter, Edith1976One Hundredth Birthday Edition. The life and contributions of Sophia FahsAdultRE Historical
QUESTIONING CHILD AND RELIGION, THEHunter, Edith1961The book seeks to help parents and teachers address questions of young children. Beacon (1961c)AdultFamily HistoricalNew Beacon
EXPLORING NATURE AND LIFE WITH FIVE- AND SIX- YEAR- OLDSHunter, Edith1951Guide for Teachers and Parents using "The Family Finds Out" Bacon05- 06Universecurriculum
STRANGE SOURCE OF DYNAMITEHunter, Edith1963Religious education that is stimulating and makes sense.AdultREcurriculum
FAMILY FINDS OUT, THEHunter, Edith; Fisher, Edith1951Family's experiences, needs to update language. Teacher and Parent Guide is "Exploring Nature and Life with 5 & 6 Year Olds." Beacon.03- 06Family HistoricalNew Beacon
IN OUR HANDS: SENIOR HIGHHunting, Eleanor; Lane, Virginia; Rosen, Harold1990Interdependence, oneness, diversity, ethical behavior, justice, non- violence, compassion, beauty, renewal, mystery, within/beyond. 15 sessions, with opening ritual and activity, readings, practices, closing meditation. Moore.A15- 18Soc. Act.currriculumUU
Nurturing Children and YouthHurd, Tracey L.2005Developmental Guidebook, birth - 22 years. For each age group: Physical, Cognitive, Social and Affective, Moral, Faith Development, and characteristics and ways to support. UUADevelop.
OUR FAMILIES, OURSELVESHurd, Tracey L.200812 workshops: explores the functions of families, based on an earlier program by Helen Bishop and Susan Grider. The program includes a photo- documentary project where youth interact with the congregation.12- 18FamilyTapestry web UUA
HOW OTHERS WORSHIPHutchinson, June1978Study of beliefs and practices of Judaism before the birth of Jesus, rise and fracturing of Christian movement. Visits. UUCF12- AdultWorshipcurriculumUU
COMMON GROUND III REPORTJaeger, Jesse, Youth Office2004In depth report of Youth Council in preparation for needing to make changes. (Predecessor to Consultation on Ministry To/With Youth)Youth
WEAVING THE FABRIC OF DIVERSITY- ANTI- BIAS PROGRAM FOR ADULTSJames, Jacqui; Frediani, Judith19968 sessions, including ableism, racism, heterosexism, agism, classism, becoming a more inclusive congregation. Drama, readings, surveys, resource lisitings. Excellent handouts. UUAAdultAntibiascurriculumB09 UU
DISAGREEMENTS THAT UNITE USJohnson, David1975Part I of "The Way We Are"AdultUUcurriculum
TRICK OF PERSPECTIVE, AJohnson, David A.1971Essay on Unitarian Universalsit Traditions. Series of questions with "observations" as responses. UUAAdultUU HistoricalExp.Cur.Dev.No.3
SPIRITUAL RESOURCES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTHY PERSONALITIES IN OUR CHILDRENJohnson, Raymond1951Inner (at birth) and environmental spiritual resources, and the part adults play. American Unitarian Assn.AdultSpirituality
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM IN THE HOMEJohnson- Fay, Ellen1982Materials for parents to use in the home: heritage, celebrations, human development. UUA01- AdultUUcurriculum
HOLDING ON AT BOTH ENDS: LIFELINES THAT CONNECT USJones, Nancy P.19964 sessions: Lifelines of Our Hearts, To Forgiveness, To God and Each Other, To Hope. Based on the "Life Lines" by Forrest ChurchAdultSpiritualityBeacon Press Guides web UUA
LIFECRAFT LEADER GUIDEJones, Nancy Palmer2001The art of meaning in the everyday. Guide for book, Life Lines by Forest Church, Beacon Press. 4 sessions: Life projects, self- portrait, god project and mystery stories.AdultSpiritualityBeacon Press Guides web UUAB09 UU
FUN WITH DR. SEUSSKahn, Pat199712 Dr. Seuss stories related to UU Principles05- 10UUcurriculumWL
OUR WHOLE LIVES: SEXUALITY AND OUR FAITH, YOUNG ADULTS: COMPANION TOKeithan, Mandy2008Helps participants apply religious values to sexuality- related decisions.18- 35SexualityB09
FAITH PEOPLE MAKE, AKendrick, Stephen198821 historical UU personalities by time periods, accessible history for high schoolers. UUA14- 18UUcurriculum
DYNAMIC RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONKent, Jack1961Challenge of keeping current and incorporating various groups in dynamic/evolving religious education.UU
SEX EDUCATION IN A NEW ERAKiewatt, Derek E.B.1974An Integrated Approach. Background for About Your SexualitySexuality
WINDS OF CREATIVITYKimball, RichardSpiritual winds of creativity, lyrical melding of divine and practical, personal and the cosmic.AdultsSpiritualityCD
YOU THE CREATORKimball, Richard199237 sessions. Themes: religion, creativity, creative arts, practical creativity; the self through exploring; experiencing, expanding & expressing creativity. Mix of activities & discussions. Green Timber Press [See You the Creator, New 2006]11- 18SpiritualitycurriculumWL UU
YOU THE CREATOR: THE ADULT SUPPLEMENTKimball, Richard19928 2- hour sessions. Themes: religion, creativity, creative arts, practical creativity, the self through exploring, experiencing, expanding & expressing creativity. Mix of activities & discussions. Green Timber Press. [See The New You the Creator, 2006]AdultSpiritualitycurriculumUU
sUUper PLAYSKimball, Richard200850 short plays about UUism and life with up to nine actors and take up to 10 minutes to perform. For for all ages in worship services and as supplements to many UU curricula. Play groupings include: Unitarian Universalism, the Unitarian Universalist Principles, Belief, Knowing Oneself, Right and Wrong, Families and Friends, Helping, and Special Times and Holidays.AllUUCD
CHRISTMAS WINKLE, AKimball, Richard198810 year old boy considers Christmas. Coming of Age story.Celeb.
FUNNY FEELING, AKimball, Richard41 Illustrated poems (William Reed, Illustrator) of feelings.11- 18Spirituality
DISCOVERING+ A142 YEAR, AKimball, Richard; Kimball, Tirrell2004Shelter Rock Curriculum: Spiritual and religious growth, exploring self, friendships, families, church, nature, religious and cultural days, rituals, being part of a UU community. 25 75- minute sessions04- 06UUcurriculumCD WL
YOU THE CREATOR, THE NEWKimball, Richard; Kimball, Tirrell200650 sessions. Spiritually enhanced. expanded version of the original You the Creator (1993) with 9 focused on Creating Community in various situations. More than 60 creative new activities. 500 pages.10- AdultUU
SHELTERING SPIRIT HANDBOOKKimball, Richard; Kimball, Tirrell2005Supports Sheltering Spirit curricula, traces the faith development of children, offers notes on classroom atmosphere, contains a rich collection of chalice lighting words and other spiritual elements organized by grade level.AdultUUcurriculumCD
BIBLEODEONKimball, Richard; Kimball, Tirrell2004Shelter Rock Curriculum: Interactive ways of introducing Bible stories: In the Beginning, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Hannukkah, Christmas, Moses, David, Solomon, women in the Bible, Jonah, Jesus, Easter, the Bible today. 20 90- minute sessions09- 11BiblecurriculumCDS WL
QUESTING YEAR, THEKimball, Richard; Kimball, Tirrell2004Shelter Rock Curriculum: Focuses on quests: Inner, Mystery, UU amd Action. 24 75- minute sessions. Chanting,visiting spiritual places, walkabout, meditating, altars and webs,11- 13UUcurriculumCD WL
FREE TO BELIEVEKimball, Richard; Kimball, Tirrell2004Shelter Rock Curriculum: Considers principles, values, and questions of God, death, and creation of life. 24 75- minute sessions06- 08UUcurriculumCD WL
SEEKING TRUTH: AMAZING GRACEKimball, Rick2008Exploring Right and Wrong. 16 sessions: variety of activities and reflections to learn about and experience moral decision- making.11IssuesTapestry web UUA
OUR WHOLE LIVES: ADULTSKimball, Rick200012 workshops. Communication and spirituality, sexuality issues of adults of all ages. UUAAdultSexualitycurriculumB09 UU
CELEBRATING RAINFORESTKimball, Tirrell200810 sessions. Experiential program to learn more about and celebrate rainforests. Stories, songs, discussions, meditations, hands- on activities. Special social action project, optional celebration to culminate the progra. Works well in all size programs.06- 12UniversecurriculumCD
HONORING OUR MOTHER EARTHKimball, Tirrell1998 198812 Sessions, Native American spirituality as related to reverence for Earth and all living things. Background, rituals, myths, songs and dance. Green Timber Publications. Major revision, use latest edition.05- AdultReligionscurriculumCD WL UU
CARING FOR OUR PLANET EARTHKimball, Tirrell1990Celebration & call to action. Natural foll- up to "Honoring Our Mother Earth. Includes Native American Material. 5 sessions. Green Timber Publications05- 14UniversecurriculumCD WL UU
CELEBRATING FAMILYKimball, Tirrell1990Concepts of family, various types of families. 5 sessions. Green Timber Publications05- 14Familycurriculum
ROCKS THAT CAPTURE HISTORYKinsbury, Edith1961Beacon Science. Fossils and what they tell, changes in the earth. Would need updates. Beacon.08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
MODERN TECHNIQUES OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONKlaber, Florence1949Primer for teachers. Beacon Press, previously published as "From Long Ago and Many Lands: A Guide for Teachers".RE HistoricalNew Beacon
JOSEPH: TWELVE BROTHERSKlaber, Florence1941Story of Joseph. Reference. UUA.07- 09BibleNew Beacon
UNDERSTANDING WORLD RELIGIONSKowalski, Gary1997A Study Guide to The World Religions. Guide to learning about the scriptures of the world. Questions for small group discussions for chapters of the book. UUA.AdultReligionsUU
EXPLORING THE WORLD'S RELIGIONSKowalski, Gary; Frediani, Judith1997Group Study Guide to World Religions by Huston Smith. (Fall 1997) UUAAdultReligionscurriculum
UN MEKreitz, Kelley1996A UU- UNS Guide to Teaching 4th- 6th Graders About the UN. 5 one- hour sessions with activities, may be used as supplement to "In Our Hands." Structure, functions, peacekeeping, global village, individual actions that can be taken. UU- UNO09- 11Conflictcurriculum
EARTH FESTIVALSLaChapelle, Delores; Bourque, Janet1980Provides detailed instructions for arranging seasonal festivals to bring a living relationship with the earth.03- AdultSpirituality
FAMOUS UNITARIAN/ UNIVERSALISTSLange, Fred1981Profiles of 100 Unitarians, Universalists. Stamps of UUs. Second edition (date?)05- AdultUU
SHOULD MY CHILD GO TO SUNDAY SCHOOL?Larsen, Tony1993Benefits of UU religious education. Pamphlet. UUAAdultUU
CATECHISM FOR UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTSLarsen, Tony; Schmidt, Ellen1989How to explain UUism to others, what UUs believe, own beliefs. Leader guide, participant book, special children's component. 8 sessions. Lifespan series, UUAAdultUU
UNITARIAN AND UNIVERSALIST CHILDREN AND YOUTH AT WORSHIPLasselle, Betty H.; Wood, Frances W.1960Articles on worship with children. Council of Liberal Churches (1960c)Worship
NEW TEACHER'S GUIDE TO TEACHING, ALasselle, Elizabeth1963Preparation, planning ahead, the session, evaluationAdultAdmin.
ADMINISTRATION OF A SMALL CHURCH SCHOOLLasselle, Elizabeth H.1965Functions of the RE Committee, including various subcommittees, the DRE, administration. Good background. UUAAdmin. Historical
HEART TALK FOR KIDSLassen, Veronica; Grieb, Debbie2007A 16 sessions. Connect children with inherent worth and dignity through emphasizing feelings, universal needs, empathy for self/others, gratitude, understanding anger, conflict resolution, and active peacemaking. Based on Marshall Rosenberg's "Nonviolent Communication". Movement, activities, songs, time in nature, different learning styles. References UU Principles and Sources. Age groupings: Preschool- K; Gr, 2- 4; Gr. 5- 603- 11UUcurriculumCD
MAN THE MEANING MAKERLatourette, Jane1969Exploration of process by which people arrive at interpretations. 18 sessions. Kit. UUA09- 12Life Historicalkit
PERSON TO PERSON COMMUNICATIONLatourette, Jane1972Identifying and enriching communication skills. 18 sessions. Kit. UUA12- 14Issues Historicalkit
DANCE & RELIGIONLepeschkin, Julie1980Pilot Course, 1976- 1977. First UU Church, Burlington, VT09- 11Drama
EXPLORING BEGINNINGSLester, Mildred E.; et al.1960A Guide to Beginnings: Earth, Sky, Life, Death. Teacher Guide to the book. Tips on preparing to teach. UUA9- 12Stories Historicalcurriculum
LIVING IN UUVILLELiebmann, Jeff200410 session program for youth by youth, applies UU principles, youth create characters for role play.12- 18UUcurriculumCD WL
TRUTH AND MEANINGLiebmann, Jeff1998Questions About Western Religious Heritage of UUism. 25 sessions. Major western religions and their primary resource documents, religious practices and underlying theological concepts, Life and afterlife, religious "extremes." (1998c)14- 17ReligionscurriculumCD UU
GLOBAL SUMMIT, THE PEACE GAMELiebmann, JeffStrategy card game for 1- 6 players, representing nations using economic, political, social resources.10+Soc. Act.CD
SACRED THREADSLiebmann, Jeff2004 1996An Asian Religiouns Curriculum for High School Youth. 20 session. Explores religions of India, China, and Japan and their relevance to spiritual journeys and the nature of religion in human society.14- 17ReligionscurriculumCD UU
HERESY APPARENTLiebmann, Jeff200110 sessions, theological and historical roots of UUism, includes three sets of UU's Make a Difference Cards (Brownfield). Liebmann12- 17UUcurriculumCD WL
WHY HIGH SCHOOL RELIGIOUS EDUCATION? WHY NOT?Liebmann, JeffShort responses to common questions about high school religious ecducation.14- 18UUweb authorCD
BRIDGING CEREMONY READINGSLiebmann, JeffHomolies at Bridging Ceremonies at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh18UU
PARADIGMS LOST AND REGAINEDLiebmann, Jeff2003Sacred life skills, 10 sessions, identifying one's core mission, goals, evaluating performance and keeping balance in life. Includes adult supplement to be run concurrently.12- adultUUcurriculumCD WL
DARE TO KNOW: "ISMS" LINKING HUMANISM AND UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISMLiebmann, Jeff199823- sessions, 5 supplemental sessions, Origins, Tools, Social Relations, Politics and Economics of Humanism. Liebmann (1998c)14- 17ReligionscurriculumCD UU
THINKING THE WEBLiebmann, Jeff1998 2007A Moral Issues Curriculum for High School Youth. 25 sessions (27 sessions 2007). Medical issues, societal issues, and global issues. Focuses on thinking skills, moral discourse, understanding the consequences of applying one's ideas.14- 17IssuescurriculumCD UU
YOUTH GROUP WALKING TOUR OF DOWNTOWN BOSTONLiebmann, Jeff2005Developed for his own youth group, the tour takes about 2 hours with 15 stops, starting at UUA, 25 Beacon Street, and ending at Fanueil Hall. On Line.11- AdultUUweb authorCD
GLOBAL SUMMIT 2.0Liebmann, JeffWeeklong activity, each day represents 25 year periods through 21st century. Participants have profiles and personal goals.12- 18Soc. Act.CD
DEVELOPING QUALITY IN DISCUSSIONLindberg, Lucile1957Concrete ideas on engaging and holding children in discussion.Admin.
TOWARD BETTER DISCUSSIONSLindberg, LucileA teacher's role, and developing quality in discussions. Excellent suggestions. [Should be revisited and republished.] UUARE Historical
TEACHER'S ROLE IN DISCUSSION, ALindberg, Lucile1957Dynamics of discussion: speaking, silence, giving information, engaging, ending.AdultAdmin.
OUR SEARCH FOR MEANINGLindberg, Lucile H.1956Address at Metropolitin New York RE Conference, Unitarian Church of All Souls. CLCRE
VALUES AND VALUINGLindberg, Lucile H.1965UU
AM I A GOOD TEACHER?Lindberg, Lucile; Spoerl, Dorothy1959Excellent questions for self- evaluation of impact of teaching. [Could be basis for current guide.] Council of Liberal Churches (1959c)RE Historical
AM I A GOOD CHURCH SCHOOL PARENT?Lindberg, Lucile; Spoerl, Dorothy1959Excellent questions as parents work with the church, teachers, other parents, family, child. [Could be basis for a current guide.] Council of Liberal Churches (1959c)Parent Historical
TEACHING ANTHROPOLOGY IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONLindberg, Lucile; Spoerl, Dorothy1959Teaching guide for books used by churches at the time: "People," "Four Ways of Being Human," "Igloos, Yurts, and Totem Poles." Beacon09- 11Universe Historicalcurriculum
RELIGION- MAKING THROUGH EXPERIENCES WITH LIVING THINGSLyders, Gay1977Worshop for teachers to use "Experiences With Living Things."05- 08Universecurriculum
PLAYING WITH FIRE- CREATIVE CONFLICT RESOLUTION FOR YOUNG ADULTSMacbeth, Fiona; Fine, Nic1995Explores dynamics of anger, hurt, conflict, listening, communication, cooperation, assertiveness. Exercises to develop mediation skills, face- to- face resolutions, values of the democratic process. New Society, UUAAdultConflictcurriculum
PLANNING THE RE CURRICULUMMacLean, AngusSome basic considerations.RE
HOME PATTERNS IN RELIGIOUS TEACHINGSMacLean, Angus1960The heart of the religious education program is in the home, in connection with the church. UUA.03- 18Family Historical
ACTIVITY PHASE OF THE SCHOOL PROGRAM, THEMacLean, Angus1960Natural active approach, discipline, teacher and objectives, ethical guidance, citizenship, emotions, communications. Universalist Church of America. (before 1960)REMonograph 1, UCA
METHOD IS THE MESSAGE, THEMacLean, Angus1962Based on address in 1951. Teaching situations, experiences in home and church.AdultPhilos.
FIRST OF LIFE, THEManwell, Elizabeth1960First 3 years of life. Parenting. UUAParents
ALWAYS GROWINGManwell, Elizabeth M.1957Family situational stories. May need update re. cultural references. Leaflets. Beacon06- 07Family HistoricalNew Beacon
VITAL CHURCH PROGRAM INVOLVES THE PARENTS, AManwell, Elizabeth Moore1948Focuses on the importance of parents and meeting the needs of children. Christian Leader, Jan. 3, 1948Parents
CONSIDER THE CHILDREN: HOW THEY GROWManwell, Elizabeth; Fahs, Sophia1940Mental & emotional health of children, developmental levels are integral parts of spiritaul & religious health. BeaconDevelop. Historical
GROWING BIGGERManwell, Elizabeth; Fahs, Sophia1942Development and worth. Guide is "The Gift of Life". Beacon03- 06Family Historical
HOLY CURIOSITY, A, PART II- EXPLORING RELIGIOUS QUESTIONSMarshall, Bruce T.1992Study guide to the book. Continues the process of addressing religious concerns, focusing on theological questions about God, death, evil, hope & transformation. UUA.AdultSpiritualitycurriculum
HOLY CURIOSITY, A, PART I- EXPLORING RELIGIOUS QUESTIONSMarshall, Bruce T.1991Study guide to the book. UUA.D240AdultSpiritualitycurriculum
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM AS A WAY OF LIFEMarshall, George1966Directed reading course of the Church of the Larger Fellowship. Nine sections: An alternative religion, life issues, historical roots, beliefs, religious education.AdultUUcurriculum
CHALLENGE OF A LIBERAL FAITHMarshall, George N.1991 1966Introduction to UUism, with history & beliefs. Chapter guides with outlines, for individual or group, index & bibliography. UUAAdultSpiritualitycurriculumB09
ON CONSIDERING WORTH- SHIP WITH CHILDRENMarshman, Barbara1979Worship for children, suggested topics, sample of services, guidelines for settings and presentations. Beacon05- 11Worship
EVERYTHING SEED, THEMartignacco, Carole; Troyer, Joy2006A Story of Beginnings. Development and connecting with the universe. Study Guide. Tricycle Press05- 10Universecurriculum
SOCRATESMason, Cora1953The Man Who Dared to Ask. Story of Socrates. Leader guide is "Know Thyself" by Doreen Spiker. UUA15- AdultLife HistoricalNew Beacon
WHAT CHILDREN ASK ABOUT THE CHURCHMayer- Oakes, Grace1960Unitarians as a minority group, asking questions, individual freedom, democracy, one family, one world. Council of Liberal Churches.08- 10UU Historical
LIFE GOES ON AND ON: EASTER READINGS FOR CHILDRENMayer- Oakes, Grace; Kuebler, Ernest1941Spring festivals (Norse, Jewish, Christian), recollections of Jesus. Background, poems. Beacon Press/CLC (5th printing 1955; 6th printing 1956.Celeb.
CARRY THE FLAMEMcDermott, Lori Berger; Emmons, Susan.1993Self- Discovery/Religious Identity Program. Sessions for early/middle/Jr. High; ages can be bought separately. UU principles. Reflections, social action, church relationships. Indvidual or group. First Religious Society, Carlisle, MA05- 13UUcurriculumWL UU
WHAT IF NOBODY FORGAVE?McDonald, Colleen1999 200213 stories about the Principles. Second edition is better organized, changes in stories, and questions, activities and resources. Skinner HouseUU
WE ARE MANY, WE ARE ONEMcDonald, Colleen M.199636 sessions. Encourage children to play/work cooperatively, express feelings about themselves/others, see congregations as places for making and caring friends, celebrate world religions/cultures. Stories, projects,games. UUA03- 05UUcurriculumB09 WL UU
SACRED MYTHSMcFarlane, Marilyn1996Stories of World Religions. 35 stories from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American and Earth- centered spiritualities. Introduction to each religion, with explanation of basic beliefs/practices, commonalities. UUA10- AdultReligions
POCKET CATECHISM FOR UNIVERIAN UNIVERSALISTS, AMcGehee, Charles White1976Written for the UU Church, Chattanooga, TN. 1976cUU
WHO ARE OUR LEADERS?McGill, Virginia1958Biographic sketches of William Ellery Channing, Hosea Ballou, Clara Barton, Dorothea Dix. Junior High Programs, UUAGr 6- 8UU
BUILDING FAMILY RELIGION AT HOMEMeek, Alexander, Jr; Williams, Star, ed1980Resources for families. Advocates for a Parent Support Group in each churchFamily
CELEBRATING OUR ORIGINS IN THE UNIVERSEMelott, Adrian; et al.199715- 16 sessions, can be expanded; uses hymns and readings from hymnal. Beginnings, gravity, sky watch, development of life, connecting with living things. Includes books: The Tree of Life (Ellen Jackson) and How We Happened (Gaye Gronlund, Adrian Melott)06- 10UniversecurriculumWL UU
YOUTH ON FIREMelski, KaseyIlluminating Unitarian Universalism12- 18Youth
CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVEMendelsohn, Jack1966Education is the task of the whole church, by example and relationships.Admin.
BEING LIBERAL IN AN ILLIBERAL AGEMendelson, Jack1995Why I Am A UU. Personal statement about the power of liberalism in our changing society. History of UU influence. Study guide. Second Ed. Skinner, UUAAdultUUcurriculumB09
WHAT VALUES ARE WE GIVING OUR CHILDREN?Menninger, Roy1966Values are learned through relationships, modeling, using cooperation, allowing children to make mistakes, lifetime. UUAAdultDevelop.Horizon #3
OUR UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST STORYMeyer, Carol D.1996Explores UU history and heritage, current theological trends and issues, and personal religious values and trends. Historic essays from original sources, encouraging group discussions and activities. 6 sessions. UUAAdultUUcurriculumUU
CARING CONGREGATION PROGRAM AND TRAINING MANUAL, THEMeyers, Barbara2006Welcoming and Supporting those with Mental Disorecers and their Families. Increase understanding/acceptance among people who have mental disorders, supportive actions, spiritual component in caring for mental disorder. 7 workshops, 4 workshops for children, 2 workshops for training those to do pastoral care, a week- end workshop for leaders to teach curriculum.05- AdultIssuescurriculumCD
SPECIAL TIMES- HONORING OUR JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN HERITAGESMiddleton, Betty Jo199426 Celebrations from the Judeo- Christian heritage. Stories about historic UUs, arts and crafts, holiday planning calendar. Great resource. Supplement/update to Holidays and Holy Days. UUA06- 07Celeb.CD WL UU
FLAMING CHALICEMiddleton, Betty Jo2001From Logo to Religious Symbol with the Help from the Relgious Education Community. Historic perspective and use in religious education. Online at UUCARDSAdultUUCD
FIRST STEPS- PLANNING FOR ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONMiddleton, Betty Jo1994Beginning the process, the adult learner, content, learning differences and educational designs, designing the program plan. Alphabet SoupResourceCD UU
SOME NOTES ON ADULT PROGRAMMINGMiddleton, Betty JoNotes from the 1999 Meadville Winter Institute, with Rebecca Parker and William Murray.AdultRECD
CELEBRATING OUR ROOTS & BRANCHESMiddleton, Betty Jo1991 1986 1983 1979Celebrations; race, color & ethnic concerns; affirms uniqueness, diversity; activities, food, songs. Wider age range possible. 32 sessions, usable in 3- 4 wk units. Requires local resources. Joseph Priestly District05- 08UUcurriculum
SUPPORT FOR THE VOLUNTEER RELIGIOUS EDUCATION TEACHERMiddleton, Betty Jo2001Designing a support system, including recruitment, teacher orientation, policies, procedures, team teaching, thoughts about teaching. Alphabet Soup.AdultAdmin.CD
WHILE YOU'RE GROWINGMiddleton, Betty Jo2003Strategies and resources for small congregations.AdultAdmin.CD
METHODS OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, THEMiller, Robert L'H.1962Discusses need to understand child development, experiencial learning, creating tensions to learn.AdultPhilos.
CRITIQUE OF VALUES: THE EDUCATIONAL MISSION OF THE LIBERAL CHURCHMiller, Robert L'H.1968Basis of liberal religious institution and education, and how this differs.UU
SAY YOUR UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISMMiller, Robert; Smith- Miller, Jackie1989Book and leader guide. 7 sessions.AdultUUcurriculum
COMING OF AGE HANDBOOK FOR CONGREGATIONSMillspaugh, Sarah Gibb2008Guide to implementing congregational program ti complement RE. Mentor training, orientations for parents and youth, small group ministry, 30 workshops for youth, community service projects, rites of passage, recognition.14- 18YouthcurriculumB09
VALUES IN WORLD RELIGIONSMondale, Lester1961Review of world religions focusing on values. Beacon (1961c)AdultReligionsNew Beacon
CHILDREN SINGMoore, Christopher1955Manual for Choir Leaders. Church of Liberal Churches (1955c)Music
UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISES FOR BUILDING A SPIRITUAL COMMUNITYMoore, Donna1999Designed for interactive exercises within churches. Include Ice- brakers and closings, 6 mini programs, rituals. Bainbridge UU Fellowship (1999c)AdultUUUU
HIDE- AND- SEEK WITH GODMoore, Mary Ann199429 stories, multicultural, non- sexist images. Supplement to Sories About God. Skinner Books.04- 08ReligionsCD
STORIES ABOUT GODMoore, Mary Ann1992Stories about God from world religions, feminist insights, science, personal expression of thoughts, feelings about God. 30 sessions.05- 07ReligionsCD WL UU
GOD IMAGES SUPPLEMENT FOR ADULTSMoore, Mary Ann19878 sessions on images of God for adults.AdultsReligionscurriculumCD UU
GOD POWERMoore, Mary Ann1996Interdependence, oneness, diversity, ethical behavior, justice, non- violence, compassion, beauty, renewal, mystery, within/beyond. 15 sessions, with opening ritual and activity, readings, practices, closing meditation.12- 13ReligionscurriculumCD UU
GOD IMAGESMoore, Mary Ann1986Explores ways of expressing God from various religions. 25 sessions.10- 11RelgionscurriculumCD WL UU
ONE FAMILYMoore, Mary Ann200329 sessions, to accompany From Long Ago and Many Lands plus new story by Moore.07- 09ReligionscurriculumWL
BEGINNING UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISMMoore, Mary Ann; Chapin, Helena1985Principles, UU history, God, Jesus, visits to other churches. 22 sessions, at least 8- 10 sessions should be covered in succession. Works well with small groups. Winchester Unitarian Society08- 11UUcurriculumWL UU
HOW OPEN THE DOOR: AFRO- AMERICAN EXPERIENCE IN UUISMMorrison- Reed, Mark19898 session multimedia program that examines the role of blacks in Unitarian Universalist congregations. Kit, video. USA.AdultIssueskit
OUR WHOLE LIVES: SEXUALITY AND OUR FAITH, GRADES 10- 12: COMPANION TOMorriss, Makanah2000Religious supplement nurtures religious values of respect, relationship, responsibility. UUA15- 17SexualitycurriculumB09
COSMIC EVOLUTION: IMPLICATIONS FOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONMorriss, Makanah Elizabeth1985Response to presentation by Dr. Eric Chaisson, Meadville/Lombard Winter 1998RE
BEING A UU PARENTMorriss, Makanah; MacPherson, David1990UU theology, values, resources, celebrations, with a focus on real- life childrearing. 5 sessions and handouts. Lifespan series. Reprinted in Parent Trilogy, 1998. UUA D432AdultFamilycurriculum
LISTENING BETWEEN THE LINES: A MUSICAL REPONSE TO POP CULTUREMurphy, Tim2003 2005 2008125 songs in the 2008 edition, each with five questions to help stimulate conversation about possible meanings of the song and how it relates to modern society and our UU beliefs. (Supplements are available for earlier editions.)12- 18UUcurriculumCD
RELIGION OF THEIR OWN, AMurray, Irving R.1952Aims and Techniques of the Liberal Church and Church School. Background to the New Beacon Series for parents and teachers: Children as Specialty, Positive Liberalism, What Does the Church Do? Nourishing- - But Not Predigested; Teaching Methods of Liberalism; The Teacher Evaluates His Work; For Themselves, Not by Themselves. BeaconREBeacon Reference Series
FAITH FOR ALL SEASONS, AMurray, William1990Nature and Resources of a Liberal Faith; Crisis of Meaning and Purpose; Crisis of Pain and Suffering; Crisis of Death. CLF Study and Discussion Guide (1991)AdultIssuescurriculum
FAITH FOR ALL SEASONS: STUDY- DISCUSSION GUIDEMurray, William; Murray, Barbara19915 sessions, guide to book by same name. Liberal Religion and the Crises of Life. Explores crises of life and death. River Road Press.AdultIssuescurriculum
CONTINUING PILGRIMAGEMyers, William1990Meadville/Lombard Winter Instiutute: Adult Religious Education TapesRETapes
CONNECTING WITH THE EARTH: ECOLOGY AND SPIRITUALITYNabatian, Martha1993Gratitude, awe, interconnectedness, commitment, celebration. Canadian Woodlands, Prairies, Waters, the Artic. 5- 9 sessions developed in age groups of 4- 7, 8- 11, 12- 18, adult. Canadian Unitarian Council. Tape: The Wonder Will Carry You Home04- Adult+ E111UniversecurriculumUU
REMEMBERING UNIVERSALISM INTO LIFENaseman, Raymond; Strong, Elizabeth1995 198215 keynote Addresses by Unitarian Universalist ministers at NY state convention of Universalists, 1976- 1992.AdultUUUU
CONSIDERING YOUR OPTIONSNational Education Assoc.2000Video. Pregnancy prevention, abstinence to morning- after pill, various typed of contraception. Use with OWL.14- 18SexualityVideo
RE GROWTH: ON YOUR MARK - - GET SET - - GO!Navias, Eugene1987Guide for congregational planning to expand the program, involving all facets of the congregation. UUA.AdultAdmin.
IT'S A NEW DAY FOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONNavias, Eugene1990Summary of UU philosophy toward religious education, list of useful resources. UUA (1990c)AdultResource
CLAIMING THE PAST, SHAPING THE FUTURENelson, Roberta M., ed2006Four Eras in Liberal Religious Education 1790- 1999. The Early Years 1790- 1930; Fahs/MacLean Era 1930- 1965; Era of Change 1965- 1980; Futures Era 1980- 1999. LREDAAdultRE
PARENTS AS SPIRITUAL GUIDESNelson, Roberta; et al.2001Family and faith development. 6 2 hour sessions: wonder, courage, justice, faith, rituals and celebrations. UUAAdultFamilycurriculumUU
PARENT TRILOGY, THENelson, Roberta; Nelson, Christopher1998"Being a UU Parent", "Parents as Resident Theologians", and "Parents as Social Justice Educators" together in one volume, for total of 17 sessions, with handouts and references. UUAAdultUUcurriculumB09 UU
PARENTS AS RESIDENT THEOLOGIANSNelson, Roberta; Nelson, Christopher1984Articulating experiences, developing skills to respond to questions of children. 6 sessions. Part of "Parent Trilogy" in 1998. UUAAdultUUcurriculum
PARENTS AS SOCIAL JUSTICE EDUCATORSNelson, Roberta; Nelson, Christopher1993Exploring own commitment to social justice, becoming creative educators, 6 sessions.Part of "Parent Trilogy" in 1998 UUAAdultUUcurriculum
CONSIDER THE BASICSOhio Meadville District19925 3- hour sessions to establish and maintain an RE program in a congregation: RE Committee, Plan Programs, Teacher Training, Worship, Curriculum. Written by the Ohio- Meadville District/Unitarian Sunday School Society. UUAAdultAdmin.curriculum
NEW MEN, DEEPER HUNGERSOwen- Towle, Tom1989Men learning to change traditional masculine perceptions. Study guide. UUAAdultIssuescurriculum
LIVING THE INTERDEPENDENT WEBOwen- Towle, Tom1987Part of "What UUs Believe: Living Principles for a Living Faith" Background of UU principles. Lesson plan for each principle. 8 sessions. UUA.AdultUUcurriculum
BRIDGE CALLED RESPECT, THEOwen- Towle, Tom; Riddle, January2000Women and Men Joining As Allies. Essays, exercises, weekend and single session plans for nonromantic partnerships between men and women. Skinner, UUAAdultIssuesUU
SEARCH MANUAL FOR DRE'S AND CONGREGATIONSPaddock, Tobias; Fields, Ann; Navias, Eugene; Robinson- Harris, Tracey1987Guide for congregations, DRE's surveys, job descriptions, contracts. UUAAdultAdmin.
ANY SIZE IS THE RIGHT SIZEPage, Mary Lou1965Reinforcing the religious attitudes of the home can be done with any size group. Fellowship program. (1965c)Admin.
WORTH AND DIGNITY OF ALL PEOPLEPaint Branch UU Church: Donn, Marjory2001 1993Building a caring group, understanding people with disabilities, learning about racism, ageism, sexism, homophobia, UU Principles. Four age levels, 5 sessions each.Updated to use 1998 edition of "Open Minds to Equality."06- 13UUCD WL UU
EXPERIENCES WITH THE WEB OF LIFEPaint Branch UU: Donn, Marjorie; Crowley, Abby45 sessions, explores the way that living things relate, and considers spiritual connections.Paint Branch UU Church.05- 08UniversecurriculumCD WL UU
HISTORICAL AND RELIGIOUS ANTECEDENTS OF THE NEW BEACON SERIES IN RELIGIUS EDUCATION, THEParks, David1965Dissertation, Boston University, Dr. of Philosophy. Historical Survey, Beacon Curriculum, Dissatisfaction and Reform, Anges McLean, Kuebler Ross, Contributions (Spoerl, Wood, Manwell, Taft), New Beacon Series.HistoryunpubREH
WELCOMING CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDSPatton, Sally2004Excellent resource for involving children with specific needs. Good general background as well as specific information on various condistions. Being inclusive.ResourceB09
SPIRIT PLAYPenfold, NitaSpirit Play Introductory Lessons (CD): 18 stories and lessons as Word documents, accompanying photographs as jpeg or pdf files in the areas of Unitarian Universalist Focus Lessons, UU Figures and History, Liturgical Lessons, and Sources Stories with practical administrative information on beginning a Spirit Play program. Lessons on CD- Rom that you can download and edit them as necessary for your program. New materials in various forms.03- 09UUcurriculumCD WL
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM AS A VALUING RELIGIONPingel, Betty1982 1977First Unitarian Society, Denver13- AdultUU HistoricalNOW #6
RAINBOW CHILDREN - - RACIAL JUSTICE AND DIVERSITY PROGRAM, APoinsett, Norma; Burns, Vivian; Frediani, Judith1995Open children's eyes to differences in people and demonstrate respect for these differences. 12 sessions with activities, stories, ends with celebration of Kwanza, resources, glossary. UUA05- 08AntibiascurriculumWL UU
SHARING BOOKS IN THE HOMEPowell, Marie Cole1935Importance of good books in the home. Extensive listing.FamilyBeacon Bulletin no. 27
RE ROADMAPPrairie Star District1999A Guidebook for Religious Education Administration. Basic information on administration of religious education programs. Prairie Star District.AdultAdmin.
NEW DRE HANDBOOK, THEPrairie Star District of the UUA1992 1981Comprehensive discussion on administering a religious education program, including planning, job descriptions, contracts, recruitmentAdultResource
ANIMAL BABIESPratt, Alice Day1959 1941Nature around various animals, focus on parent- child relationship. Includes stories, worship suggestions. Leaflets. Beacon06- 07Family HistoricalNew Beacon
CELEBRATING ME AND MY WORLDPratt, Debora1995UU Preschool Curriculum. Self- esteem, comfort with church, beginning identification with church, nature. 37 sessions. Resources, developmental notes, special need adjustment to church. UUA03- 04UUcurriculumB09
SUGGESTIONS FOR ACTIVITIES FOR NURSERY GROUPSPrice, Margaret; Spoerl, Dorothy1947Use with "Martin & Judy, Volumes I, II." Beacon03- 05Life Historicalcurriculum
YRUU SONG BOOK, THEPurcell, Alison1998Compendium of songs for community- building in youth groups. Youth Office. UUA (1998)12- 18Youth
FAITH OF OUR CHILDRENRaible, Christopher1967Presenting traditional religious values in a liberal religious setting.UU
CAKES FOR THE QUEEN OF HEAVENRanck, Shirley1999Book. Based on the first Cakes curriculum.Women
CAKES FOR THE QUEEN OF HEAVENRanck, Shirley2007 1986Feminist Thealogy. Gender & theology, including "Seeking the Female Presence in Judaism & Christianity" & "Contemporary Feminist Spirituality." Rituals. 10 sessions. Followup book, 1993, Delphi.AdultSpiritualitycurriculum
COMING OF AGE & CELEBRATION PROGRAMS FOR 12- 14 YEAR OLDSRatcliff, Donald; Neff, Blake1993Practical ideas help plan, administer & evaluate volunteer programs; ways to recruit, train & sustain volunteers. Religious Education Press12- 14Youthcurriculum
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FUTURES REPORTRE Futures Committee1981Advocates for curriculum based on principles and resources (which became the affirmations and traditions), leadership training. Visionary. UUAAdultAdmin.
INTERGENER IDEASREACH, Special Collection1985Intergenerational ideas taken from REACH packets, from about 1975- 198403- AdultAdmin.REACH
STORIES AND PLAYSREACH, Special Collection1985Stories and plays of Unitarian Universalist, from REACH packets 1978- 198403- AdultStories
TEACHER HELPSREACH, Special Collection1985Bandaid Curriculum and other suggestions from REACH 1977- 198603- AdultAdmin.REACH
PRESCHOOL RESOURCESREACH, Special Collection1985Characteristics of 4 and 5 year olds, behavior technics, arts and crafts, from REACH 197703- 05Admin.REACH
WORSHIPREACH, Special Collection1990Selection of rituals, prayers, music, stories, meditations for children & church family. REACH, UUAWorshipREACH
PEACE RESOURCESREACH, Special Collection1985Peace resources, First Food curriculum for youth, collected from REACH 1981- 198403- AdultIssuescurriculum
PLAYS FOR SPECIAL DAYSRead, Elfreida10 one- act plays for Christmas and Easter. Each play 15- 20 minutes.UUA08- 12Drama
NEIGHBORING FAITHSReed, Christine; Frediani, Judith; Hoertdoerfer, Pat1997Exploring Religons With Junior High Youth. 11 units, 34 sessions. Rituals, spirituality, holy writings, ethics, absolutes in many faith traditions, includes visits. UUA.11- 14ReligionsB09 WL UU
WORLD OF WINTER LIGHTS, ARichard- Hammock, Layne2004Intergenerational clebration developed from "Lights for Lucy" by Connie Dunn. Santa Lucia, Kwanzaa, Hahhakuha, Disali, 7th Principle Lights, Solstice, Advent05- AdultCeleb.
WHEEL OF THE YEAR, THERichard- Hammock, Layne2002Teaching Play introducing Pagan roots to winter holiday traditions. Wheel turns, then introduces Solstice, Christmas Tree, Wreath, Mistletow, Yule Log Cutters.05- AdultCeleb.
AGE OF REASON: A UU PROGRAM OF RELIGIOUS BECOMINGRichard- Hammock, Layne2005Rite of Passage for 2nd graders. 6 sessions. Resources, celebration. Roots and Winds 50 page activity book, rainbow approach to teaching the principles. On CD7UU
COME INTO THE CIRCLE: WORSHIPPING WITH CHILDRENRichards, Michelle2007Suggestions on form, style and elements of worship, plus an extensive collection of opening words and chalice lightings, meditations and prayers, stories, songs, sermons, and orders of service to help with planning worship. Contribution of UU religious educators.WorshipB09 CD
POPCORN THEOLOGYRichards, Michelle2007Popcorn Theology: an 18 session curriculum, variations. Popular movies on issues of theological and relevance to UU Youth. Extended sessions for Movie Nights or overnight programs. Each session includes activities. Includes brief worship.11- 18UUcurriculumCD
FOUR SPIRITUALITIESRichardson, Peter1996Underlying patterns of spirituality that are part of every religious tradition. Provides framework for providing your own path. Guide: See Growing Your Spirituality.AdultSpiritualitycurriculumB09
GROWING YOUR SPIRITUALITYRichardson, Peter2001Guide for "Four Spiritualities" by the author (1996). Richardson. Accessible guide to Jungian Personality Type, life cycle, Spiritual Origins Archtype Complex, 7 chakras. For interfaith families and congregations.AdultSpiritualitycurriculum
125 YEARS OF UNITARIAN SUNDAY SCHOOLSRichardson, Robert Dale1952Historical notes, minutes, Edward Horton, William Lawrence, Florence Buck.USSSHistorical
BEESRitchie, Margaret1964Beacon Science. Community, instinct, beliefs, symbols. 7 units.08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
EARLY UNITARIAN SUNDAY SCHOOLS OF BOSTONRobertson, Frank E.2003Paper presented at GA 2003.History
CHILDREN'S MISSION OF BOSTONRobertson, Frank E.Unpublished history for 1849- c1960. UU RE History GroupHistory
BEGINNINGS OF AMERICAN UNITARIAN AND UNIVERSALIST SUNDAY SCHOOLSRobertson, Frank E.Start of the Sunday Schools and supporting organization.RE Historical
EARLY CHILDREN'S NEWSPAPERS OF THE UNITARIAN SUNDAY SCHOOL SOCIETYRobertson, Frank E.2002Sunday School Gazette to Dayspring to Every Other Sunday to The Beacon, discontinued 1932, replaced by The Reporter with American Unitarian Association.History
EARLY UNITARIAN AND UNIVERSALIST RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONAL MATERIALSRobertson, Frank E.2001Detailed listing of religious education materials for Unitarians and Universalists, 1750- 1940. Unpublished.HistoryREH
WORLD RELIGIONSRobertson, Frank; Alcott, Doris Dow; Donn, Marjory; Middleton, Betty Jo; Moore, Mary Ann; Marshak, David1988UU beliefs as other religions are discussed, Leader guide, filmstrips, world map, board game. 33 sessions. UUA12- 14ReligionsWL
BEYOND PINK & BLUERobinson- Harris, Tracey; Savin- Williams, Ritch1994Gender roles, gender identity, stereotypes, prejudices about gay,lesbian, bisexual people; sexism audit, resource section, handouts. 12 sessions.UUA11- 14SexualitycurriculumWL UU
QUESTIONS THAT MATTER MOST ASKED BY THE WORLD'S RELIGIONSRoss, Floyd; Hills, Tynette1960 1954Objectives and questions regarding world religions. Guide for Teachers. Beacon14- 18ReligionsNew Beacon
SETTLED MIND, ARowe, Kimberly2007Stress Reduction for the Classrooom and Beyond. Comprehensive overview of stress and the brain- body connection. Uses research supported mind- body technics: breath and body awareness, guided imagery, mindfulness. Includes audio recording for relaxation.05- 18SpiritualitycurriculumCD
MICRO- ORGANISMS: LITTLE PLANTS & ANIMALSRuttle, Mabel1964Beacon Science. Yeast, molds and antibiotics. Requires lens/microscope. 6 units. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
RE STAFFING GUIDERyan, Jeannellen1996Good Practices for UU Congregations. Useful charts and sample documents, employment description and work sheet, table of basie compensation ranges, chart for dividing responsibilities, questions to help focus RE priorities, needs and vision.UUAAdultAdmin.
WORLD OF NEW FRIENDSSautter, Sara200413 sessions introducing Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Wicca, Native Amewrican, Sikkism, Judaism though introducting a personper religion.05- 12ReligionsWL
WHO ARE WE? FATHERS AND SONS GROWING TOGETHERScacco, Linda Ann2007A Curriculum for Fathers and their Sons.13 sessions: Includes feelings, spirituality, sports, natural workd, fathers, women, bullying, homophobia, media. Funded by Unitarian Sunday School Society, UU Men's Network, Universalist Church of West Hartford, CT.11- 13LifecurriculumCD
STEWARDSHIPScheyer, Fia; Lewellen- Dix2001The Joy of Giving. 5- session program guide for primary, intermediate children, youth and adults on stewardship related to skills, resources, commitment. Numerous resources and handouts. Web 250+ pages ( )05- AdultUUweb UUA
TREASURE HUNTINGSchneider, Ellen1992Stories, activities designed to inspire a child's sense of self- awareness, awareness of the world around them, UU beliefs & principles, 35 sessions. A04- 07UUcurriculumWL UU
OPEN MINDS TO EQUALITYSchniedewind, Nancy; Davidson, Ellen1998Background material and sessions addressing heterosexism, linguicism, religious oppression. Prentice- Hall. Resource for Worth and Dignity of All People09- 13Antibiascurriculum
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST POCKET GUIDEScholfield, Harry, ed.1983 1981Beliefs, Caring Communities, Our Roots, Our Ways of Worship, Our Concern for Social Justice, Our Ways of Educating. Bibliography by Dorothy T. Spoerl, dates, UUA and CLFUU
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST POCKET GUIDESchultz, William, ed.19932nd edition. Essays by contemporary UU's about the beliefs and history of Unitarian Universalism, trends in ministry, social justice, and racial diversity. "Our Religious Education" by Makanah E. Morris, begins on page 43.UU
STORYTIMESchwartz, Mary Jane1989A Literature- Based Curriculum for Preschoolers. 46 lessons that use current children's literature. First Unitarian Church, Albuqueraue03- 05StoriesWL UU
THESE LIVE TOMORROWScott, Clinton Lee196420 biographies. Recommended in A Growing- up Year. UUA11- AdultUU
GROWING TIMESSenn, Corelyn19803 year curriculum: seasons, home, celebrations, stories, activities. Good section on preschoolers. Book of songs, poems. USA03- 06Develop.WL
KALEIDOSCOPESepez, Lois- Ann; Muller, Dorothy1971Unitariansim for Young Children, Book I. Vietnam, Israel, Africa; space, Man and His Religion- - religions of the world. So. Nassau Unitarian Church, Freeport, NY. 28 sessions05- 10Religionscurriculum
COURSES IN ADULT EDUCATIONSharp, Waitstill Hastings1932Outline of year's study for young people and adults in Unitarian churches.REBeacon Bulletin no. 24
COMING OF AGE & CELEBRATION PROGRAMSShawnee Mission Unitarian1992 1991Preparation for church membership & program for graduates to serve communities.12- 14YouthcurriculumCD
DEEP ECOLOGY AND CREATION- CENTERED SPIRITUALITYSiegfriedt, Sarajane12 sessions. Deep ecology, creation- centered spirituality, new physics, Gaia hypothesis, and other theologies.AdultSpiritualitycurriculum
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST POCKET GUIDESinkford, William, ed.4th edition.Essays on ourfsith, heritage, worship, religious education, ministry, important dates in UU history.UUB09
HOW CAN I HELPSkwire, Majorie; et al.1993Helping roles, self- explorating exercises, meditations. Guide for book by Ram Dass and Peter Gorman (1993). Lifespan (1993c)AdultIssuescurriculumCD
FROM YACS TO SACSSmallin, Serena1995A Guide to District Youth Programming. Guidelines for organizing, establishing, running Youth Adult Committees, creating mission statements, planning a conference. UUA11- 18Youth
SPEECHLESS ON SUNDAYSmudski, Robert1960RE conference, Middle Atlantic States, June 1960, Ponono Pines, PA. Communication: Our Education is supplemental, dissent and identity, individuals not carbon copies, "You got to studee!"RE Historical
INITIATION INTO MANHOODSpencer, Laura2004Young men transition into the adult male world. Involves adult male Mentors. Topics include: 1. The Bridge, 2. The Lineage, 3. Life Fear and Death Fear, 4.The Hospice, 5. Peer Pressure, Men’s Initiation Weekend. Video, orientation and background material.13- 18UU
JOURNEY INTO ADULTHOODSpencer, Laura2004Coming of Age program, 3 sessions13UUcurriculum
MAIDENS AND MOTHERS: A JOURNEY TO WOMANHOODSpencer, Laura, et.al20018 sessions, communications between mothers and daughters, passages. Patterned after "Cakes for the Queen of Heaven."10- 14SpiritualitycurriculumCD
KNOW THYSELFSpitzer, Doreen1962 1954Leader's Guide to the Study of Socrates. Extensive background of Socrates and the culture in which he lived; guide by chapter. BeaconAdultLife Historicalcurriculum
EXPLORING NEW TEACHING TRENDSSpoerl, Dorothy1964Advocates the need to understand educational methods and approaches, and discusses several specific trends. UUARE Historical
TO BEHOLD THE INVISIBLESpoerl, Dorothy1963Educational Luncheon, Chicago, IL, May 16, 1963. UUARE
IDENTITY: HOW IT GROWSSpoerl, Dorothy1971Development of identity as part of growth, and the uniqueness of liberal traditions.AdultDevelop.
GIFT OF LIFE SERIES, THESpoerl, Dorothy1964Guide for parents for "Animal Babies", "A Brand New Baby", "Always Growing"03- 06Family Historicalcurriculum
HANDSSpoerl, Dorothy1961Beacon Science. Value of hands, animal hands, use of hands. 6 units. Beacon08- 10Universe HistoricalBeacon Science
FELLOWSHIP SCHOOL, THESpoerl, Dorothy1964Frames religious education programming in context of the Fellowship movement. Good suggestions for small programs. UUARE Historical
CHILD'S EXPANDING WORLD, THESpoerl, Dorothy1959An Outline of Developmental Characteristics. Importance of having curriculum based on developmental ages; characteristics of various ages, preschool through high school. Council of Liberal ChurchesDevelop. Historical
ONLY A FEW CHILDREN?Spoerl, Dorothy1979Guide for Developing Religious Values Together. UU values, structuring programs in small church, general information and resource. UUARE Historical
CREATIVE PROCESS AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, THESpoerl, Dorothy1964Lecture series: "To Behold Beauty Now Invisible","Climate for Learrning"," Real Defense of Freedom of Imagination."RE Historical
WHAT IS NEW ABOUT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION?Spoerl, Dorothy T.1962The difference that being a liberal religious person makes in religious education. (1962c)AdultPhilos.
TENSIONS OUR CHILDREN LIVE WITH: STORIES FOR DISCUSSIONSpoerl, Dorothy T., ed.1959Situational stories, may need cultural update. Beacon08- 11Resource
TEACHING OUR HERITAGESpoerl, Dorothy T., ed.1968Discusses specific steps on how children identify with the church community and heritage. BeaconAdultDevelop. Historical
WHAT IS RELIGIOUS ABOUT OUR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION?Spoerl, Dorothy T., ed.1965What are we doing to help our children grow, from a liberal point of view? Discusses various tensions in education. (1965c)AdultRE Historical
OUR WHOLE LIVES: GRADES K- 01Sprung, Barbara1999Birth, babies, bodies and families. 8 sessions. Promotes dialigue between parent and child. UUA05- 06SexualitycurriculumB09 WL
IMAGES FOR OUR LIVES - - WORLD RELIGIONSSt. Paul, MN1976Values and traditions from world religions. Graded lesson plans. Unity Church Unitarian05- 13Religionscurriculum
IMAGES FOR OUR LIVES - - JUDEO- CHRISTIANSt. Paul, MN1976Values and traditions of Judeo- Christian heritage. Graded lesson plans. Unity Church Unitarian05- 13Religionscurriculum
PLANTING THE SEEDS OF CULTURAL COMPETENCEStanton, LauraEight- week parent education curriculum that addresses the need for parents to talk to their children about cultural diversity.AdultAntibiascurriculum
SITTING TREEStark, Kim2007Sand Tray Play, Non- Violent Communication (NVC), Godly Play, and environmental education. Stories from faith, wisdom and folk traditions; creative explorations using theatre/puppetry, music, art, and spiritual practice; develop a clearer understanding of self and how they wish to live in the world. Juice ceremony and sharing circle that cultivate respect, and a peace table. resolving conflicts without adult intervention; building and caring for miniature ecosystems (terrariums, greenhouses, gardens).AllLifecurriculumCD
OWNING OUR RELIGIOUS PAST: THE HAUNTING CHURCHStauffacher, Bonnie1981Examine religious past and present Unitarian Universalist identity. 5 sessions. UUAAdultSpiritualityPathways #7UU
WHICH LESSON? UU CURRICULUM AND CONTENT FINDER: SUPPLEMENTSteel, Virginia2005Supplement to the Second Edition, 39 current curricula, printed or on CD03- AdultResourcecurriculumCD
WHAT IS RELIGION: FOR OTHERS & FOR US?Steel, Virginia1992 1985Full year, includes sessions on Uuism, congregational observances, Jewish and main- line Christian concepts and observances, and holidays. Uses many stories from From Long Ago and Many Lands. 27 sessions. 1992 includes 3 sessions on Jesus06- 08UUcurriculumCD WL UU
WHICH LESSON? UU CURRICULUM AND CONTENT FINDER:SECOND EDITIONSteel, Virginia2001 1999Indexing of 55 popular curricula, by topic and age. Excellent resource. The First Edition has been updated/included in Second Edition.03- 13ResourcecurriculumCD
BREAD AND BUTTER SUNDAY SCHOOLSteinberg, Phyllis- AnneA different approach to religious education. Focus on Fellowhsips. Beginning the new Church School, Talks and Activities Concerning Human Relations. San Antonio. UUA06- 12RE Historical
HOW MIRACLES ABOUNDStevens, Bertha1941Nature curriculum. Background information, activities need to be supplemented. Teacher Guide, handouts. Beacon07- 09Universe HistoricalNew Beacon
BRAND NEW BABYStranger, Margaret1955 1942Stories about new baby & the family. Review for cultural changes. Teacher guide is "The Gift of Life." Leaflets with individual stories for children to take home.1942, Beacon; 1955, Starr King06- 07Family HistoricalNew Beacon
MESSAGES IN MUSIC: UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM FOR JUNIOR HIGHStrong, Elizabeth May1993Focuses on UU affirmations and sources using the music that youth bring to the sessions. 23 sessions, 60- 75 minutes each, including history, social action, personal faith development. UUA12- 14MusiccurriculumWL UU
BIBLE AND THE BIBLE COUNTRY, THESunderland, Jabez T.1935 1932 1910Pupil's Textbook. To give information, kindle desire for information. Little Journey Among the Books of the Bible, Study or Bible Country and People, Hourseback tour of Famous Places (Teacher's Edition 1932)10- 12BibleBeacon
YOUTH ADVISOR'S HANDBOOK, THETain, Shell; et al.2003 1996Resource for YRUU Advisors. YRUU youth, youth group "nuts and bolts," a balanced program, youth leadership styles and models, creating a safe group, supporting youth advisors. UUAAdultAdmin.B09
WOMEN WE BECOME, THEThomas, Ann1997Examines issues for women as they age, using legends. Book and WorkbookAdultIssuescurriculum
PERSPECTIVES ON DISABILITYThomas, Laurie2004UU curriculum for adults. Developed at UU Church, Flint, MI. 8 sessionsAdultIssuescurriculum
POEMS TO GROW ONThompson, Jean McKee1957Anthology of 150 poems based on real experiences of children (1961c)06- 07Life HistoricalNew Beacon
TENSIONS AND NEGRO RIGHTSThroop Memorial Church1964Historical perspective, non- violent response.AdultAntibiasCurriculum in Action #9
OUR WHOLE LIVES: YOUNG ADULTSTino, Michael; Millspaugh, Sarag Gibb200814 workshops. Body image, birth control, love, sexual fantisizing, family life.18- 35SexualitycurriculumB09
LANGUAGE OF MYTHTollefson, Ted1989An Introduction to the Ideas of Joseph Campbell. Lesson plans, transcripts, articles, lectures, graphics.AdultStoriescurriculum
LIVING IN THE WIND (See Stream of Living Souls, Vol. III)Tracy, DeniseUU
ESSENTIAL CONNECTIONS: WOMEN'S BONDINGTracy, Denise19818 session guide to explore women's significant relationships. (1981c)AdultIssuescurriculum
FEMINIST THEOLOGYTracy, Denise19818 session curriculum which explores 5 styles of Feminist Theology. (1981c)AdultReligions
MISTS OF AVALON, THETracy, Denise1985Explores Camelot and issues of women. Guide for novel, 9 sessions. DelphiAdultIssues
MEN'S LIVES, MEN'S LIBERATION'STracy, Denise19858 session guide to study the issues of men's lives. DelphiAdultIssuescurriculum
STREAM OF LIVING SOULS I, ATracy, Denise1986Stories of people who portrayed UU values (not all are Uus). Delphi05- 08Stories
STREAM OF LIVING SOULS II, ATracy, Denise1987Stories of people who portrayed UU values (not all are Uus). Delphi05- 08Stories
STREAM OF LIVING SOULS III, ATracy, Denise1989Stories of people who portrayed UU values (not all are Uus). Delphi. Living in the Wind, stories for Home and Worship05- 08Stories
STREAM OF LIVING SOULS IV, ATracy, DeniseStories of people who portrayed UU values (not all are Uus). Delphi05- 08Stories
MYTHS OF TIME AND HISTORY: STUDY GUIDETracy, Denise1988Study Guide for Myths of Time and History: A Unitarian Iniversalist Theologyby Alice Wesley.AdultUUcurriculum
PARTNERS: WOMEN & MENTracy, Denise; Decker, Bill1981Reading and discussion guide on male/female relationships. 1981c. 8 sessionsAdultIssuescurriculum
PROPHETIC SISTERHOOD: A STUDY GUIDETucker, Cynthia Grant; Child, Barbara1993Study guide for book of same name. Study on history of women in ministry, understand dominance of patriarchy throughout religious history. 5 sessions. Women & men. UUAAdultUUcurriculum
PROPHETIC SISTERHOOD: A STUDY GUIDETucker, Cynthia Grant; Child, Barbara1990Liberal Women Ministers of the Frontier, 1880- 1930. Beacon PressAdultUUcurriculum
COMING OF AGEUU Church of Greater Lansing: McWilliams, Kathy; Putnam, Teresa2006Deepening Ties Within Your Congregation. Twenty- six sessions: exploring your values, writing yout own ten commandments, bad things. After- death beliefs, developing your elevator speech, God beliefs, faith, what to do when people try to convert you.11- 13Youthcurriculum
UU MOVERS AND SHAKERSUU Church of Tucson: McDaniel, Kathy2004“Host” UU “guests” from historical or contemporary times; UU contributions to society and living principles and beliefs through plays and dramatizations, stories and pictures, games and activities, arts and crafts, videos and writing. 8- 12 weeksAllUUcurriculumCD WL
UU WORLD TRAVELERSUU Church of Tucson: McDaniel, Kathy2004“Tour” a different country, learn about cultures and religions through stories and pictures, music and dance, games and costumes. Share their travel experiences. An intro to World Religions theme. Publicity and activity suggestions, templates for Passports and Flag stickers. 8- 12 weeksAllReligionscurriculumCD WL
CREATE A COUNTRY!UU Church of Tucson: Shepard, John2005Citizens of a region that has declared independence from the United States turn to the group to develop a society build on UU values. Conversation, debate, social action.AllUUCDS WL
UNRAVELING THE GENDER KNOTUU Women & Religion: Schonborn, Barbara; campbell, Alison; Matson, Rosemary2004Guide for the book "The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy" by Allan G. Johnson (in UUA bookstore). 7 2- hour sessions.100 page course guide with handouts, and 2 video/CDs (Who's Counting and The God of Our Fathers)AdultsWomencurriculum
JUNIOR HIGH TEACHING TECHNIQUESUUA1962Working with junior high youth.12- 14Develop.
CURRICULUM MAPPINGUUA1996 1989 1987 1985Review of selected curriculum from UUA and other sources. Editions hard copy. Includes grid showing curriculum by ages. 1996 UUA web.03- AdultResourceweb UUA
BLACK/WHITE AMERICAUUA1970Understanding the Discord. White America's: Rhetoric Reveals Abiding Racism; Choice of Heroes Betrays its Claims of Racial Good Will; Beauty Standards Insure Its Tyranny; Zealotry Threatens Black Community and Soul.Antibias Historicalcurriculum
REPORT OF THE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FUTURES COMMITTEEUUA Futures Committee1981Committee reviewed religious education historical changes and needs for the future. Introduced the Principles related to religious education.AdultUU
YOUTH GROUP HANDBOOKUUA Youth OfficePractical suggestions, guidance, programming ideas, updated and expanded version of Deep Fun.14- 18YouthB09
REACHUUA/RE DepartmentOng.Religious Education Cleraing House. Publication three times a year of Religious Education Action Clearing House materials on a variety of curricula and administrative resources. UUAAdultResource
NO PUNCHING JUDYUUSC1995Video- based multigenerational curriculum for prevention of domestic violence, with printed materials. 5 week curriculum for children, one day workshop for adults. Curriculum has age- specific sections. UUSC05- AdultIssuesUUSC
ABOUT SEXUAL ABUSEWard, Fred; Ward, Betty1990Situations, behavior, myths and facts, sexual abuse by peers, incest, helping and reporting.14- AdultSexualitycurriculum
CHILDSPACE INFANTS/TODDLERSWarren, Jane C.; Manker- Seale, Susan; Reed, Carla1991A Model/Workbook for Caregivers. For parents, UUs, special education & early childhood teachers, religious educators. Childspace Consultants.AdultAdmin.
CHILDSPACE CAREGIVERS FOR THOSE WHO CARE FOR CHILDRENWarren, Jane C.; Manker- Seale, Susan; Reed, Carla1991For parents, UUs, special education & early childhood teachers, religious educators. 10 sessions: safety, developmenal environment, explores caregiving attitudes. Childspace Consultants.Admin.
CONVERSATIONS WITH THE BIBLEWashburn, Stephen19948 core, 4 alternate sessions, Definitions, dates, resources. Wink method integrates traditional, academic, intutive, logical, aesthetic; uses contemporary biblical scholarship. UUAAdultBiblecurriculumUU
STUDENTS ARE WATCHING, THE: LEADER'S GUIDEWatts, Julia2001For book by same title on schools and moral contract, by Theodore and Nancy Sizer; 3 sessions. Beacon, Web (2001)AdultIssuesBeacon Press Guides web UUA
WAIST- HIGH IN THE WORLD: LEADER'S GUIDEWatts, Julia2001For book by same title by Nancy Mairs, re disabled among the nondisabled, 1996. 3 sessions. Beacon (2001c)AdultIssuesBeacon Press Discussion web UUA
ARTICULATING YOUR UU FAITHWells, Barbara; ten Hove, Jaco2000A creative way to explore and express the basics of Unitarian Universalism. Written for young adults/can be used with other ages. UUA.18- 35UUcurriculumB09 UU
EXPERIENCES WITH LIVING THINGSWensberg, Katherine1966Ecology, common things, pattern of living things. Parent's guide: Living Things by Ruby Aoyama05- 08Universecurriculum
TUCKERS, THEWensberg, Katherine S.1952Growing To Know Themselves. Stories about a family. Review for cultural changes. Teacher's Guide. Parent Guide by Virginia Atkins, 1963 Beacon06- 07FamilyNew Beacon
BLACK AMERICAN AND HIS HERITAGE, THEWest Shore Unitarian Church, Rocky River, OH1969Cuuriculum in Action, No.24. West Shore Unitarian Church. UUAAdultAntibiasCurric. In Action No. 24
LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF JESUS, THEWheelock, Donna; Hoehler, Judity1980Explores the events of Jesus' life, teachings and the customs of the times. Discussions, activities, celebrations. UUCF.09- 11BiblecurriculumWL UU
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION AT HOMEWilliams, Betsy Hill1994Practical tips on how to nurture a child's spiritual development and teach UU at home, symbols and ideas, how to discuss difficult religious questions, gives resources. Church of the Larger Fellowship. UUA.0- AdultUU
MARTIN AND JUDY: GUIDE FOR PARENTSWilliams, Elizabeth1963Religious experience, the stories of Martin and Judy, enriching child's experience in the home. Beadon03- 05Family HistoricalNew Beacon
CLIMATE IN WHICH A MATURE FAITH CAN GROWWilliams, J. Paul1954Characteristics of a mature religion and the climate in which youth can grow into a mature faith. Council of Liberal Churches12- 18Develop.
HELP THEM BE ALL THEY CAN BEWilliams, Margaret1975Sex role stereotypes. UUA05- 07Sexuality HistoricalNOW 8
CHARTING SELF: A BELIEFS CHART CURRICULUM FOR ADULTSWilliamson, Bob20078 sessions. Explore changes in religious beliefs in the context of changes in important relationships. Uses the BELIEFS CHART, family systems theory of Dr. Murray Bowen (pioneer in family therapy).AdultReligionscurriculumCD
TALKS TO YOUNG PEOPLE ON ETHICSWilson, Clarence Hall1924 1917Essays on conscience, courage, decision making around issues.16IssuesBeacon
OUR WHOLE LIVES: GRADES 07- 09Wilson, Pamela199925 sessions, comprehensive approach to human sexuality; apply values to behavior, life skills. UUA12- 14SexualitycurriculumB09 WL
PORNOGRAPHY, SEX EDUCATION AND THE CHURCHWilson, W. Cody1971Address at the General Assembly, 1971AdultSexuality HistoricalExp.Cur.Dev.No.4
SPIRIT IN PRACTICEWilstrom, Erik Walker200810 workshops: Ten paths to deep engagement in a UU faith community including meditation, prayer, creative expression, justice work, and other spiritual practicesAdultSpiritualityTapestry web UUA
MEN OF PROPHETIC FIREWolfe, Rolland1951Old Testament. Prophets. Adult guide by Ashbrook, Marguerite L.; Sprague, Elizabeth and Shuttee. Beacon15- AdultBibleNew Beacon
WHAT IS THE BIBLE?Wolfe, Rolland Emerson1963Explores Bible as Relgious Literature, Word of God or Word of Man, Spiritual Discovery,moral issues, creation of the Bible. Dept. of Ed., UUAAdultBible
WOMEN AND RELIGIONWomen and Religion Committee1978Implementation of the 1977 GA resolution on Women and Religion. UUAAdultWomen HistoricalPathways #4
HANDBOOK FOR THE NEW CHURCH SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTWood, Frances1955Administration, including curriculum development, space, teachers, parents. Council of Liberal Churches (1955c)AdultAdmin. Historical
CHURCH AND ITS YOUNGEST CHILDREN, THEWood, Frances W.1942Reprint from Christian Register, June 1942. American Unitarian Association. Ministry to familiesFamily Historical
LIVING FAITH: CREATING HOMEYork, Jessica; Olson, Christy200816 sessions: meditation, prayer, creative expression and other spiritual practices; notions of homes and what they are for, through animal homes, their own family homes, and their faith home.05- 06SpiritualityTapestry web UUA
BRIDGING CEREMONY RESOURCE PACKETYoung Adult Campus Ministry1998Resources to mark the transition from youth to young adult: services, readings, staying connected. Young Adult/Campus Ministry, UUA. Revised as Crossing the Bridge from Youth to Young Adulthood,18Youth
CROSSING THE BRIDGE FROM YOUTH TO YOUNG ADULTHOODYoung Adult Campus MinistryThe liturgy, philosophy and ways to connect youtn adults to UU communities. Valuable for planning worship throughout the year.14- 35Worship
PROPOSALS FOR CHANGE: YOUTH ADVISOR TASK FORCE RECOMMENDATIONSYouth Advisor Task Force2000Opening Communication between Youth and Adults; Support for Ministry with Youth; Resources; Training of Youth Advisors, Midle School Youth Advisors, Teachers and Programs; RecommendationsAdultYouth
YOUTH PROGRAMS REVIEW COMMITTEEYouth Office2003 1997YRUU and youth empowerment, adult support, resources, recommendations.14- 18Youth
COMING OF AGE PROGRAMSYouth Office1988Compilation of eleven programs, Youth Office14- 18Youth
SYNAPSEYouth OfficeOng.Periodic publication for youth by youth. Free subscription. Youth Office. On line at 18Youthweb UUA
SMALL GROUP MINISTRY FOR YOUTHZidowecki, Helen2005Background of Small Group Ministry, application for youth programming and 25 session plans. UU Small Group Ministry Network12- 18SpiritualitySmall Group MinistryCD
DR. SEUSS AND UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTSZidowecki, Helen2002Expansion of previous session plans, using Small Group Ministry format. 40+ sessions. Stories not included.03- AdultStoriescurriculum webCD WL
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST ALPHABETZidowecki, Helen2008 1999 1989UU history, introduces important UUs in history & in the congregation, getting to know the church setting. 33 sessions.03- 05UUweb authorCD WL UU z
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST PRINCIPLES & PARENTING: SMALL GROUP MINISTRYZidowecki, Helen200612 sessions. Focus on the UU Principles and spritual practices of parents, in Small Group Session for parents and other adults working with children.AdultUUSGM web authorCD
DOROTHY SPOERL RESOURCE SECTIONZidowecki, Helen1995Includes comprehensive annotated listing of her writings, biographic information, and "Meeting Dorothy Spoerl"Resource Historicweb author
UNITARIAN AND UNIVERSALIST WOMEN: LIBERATING HISTORYZidowecki, Helen (Compiler)2008Biographic information on 119 Unitarian and Universalist historic women, 1743- 2003, from UU Women's Heritage calendars 1996- 2005. Includes several religious educators.UUCD
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST PRINCIPLES & PARENTINGZidowecki, Helen; Findlay, Linda2001 1995Implications of the UU Principles & applying them in interacting w/ children. Focuses on parents, may be used by anyone working with children. 7 sessions.AdultUU