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Helen Helen Zidowecki has been involved in Unitarian Universalist Religious Education since joining a Unitarian Universalist Church in 1980: in the congregations in Augusta, Maine, (1980-1998), as Northeast District Religious Education Committee Chair and then Consultant/Specialist for Religious Education and Youth (through June 2007) as Interim Religious Educator for the Church of the Larger Fellowship, curriculum writer, Renaissance Module and workshop leader.

She obtained her theological education at Bangor Theological Seminary and Meadville/Lombard Theological School, and was ordained as a Minister of Religious Education by the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Augusta, Maine, in May 1998. Her special interests include: Small Group Ministry in my own congregation, on the district level, and in using Small Group Ministry in Religious Education. Working to enhance Religious Education in small congregations. Welcoming Congregation Program on the congregational and district levels Unitarian Universalist history,on the congregational and district levels, as well as a member of the UU Women's Heritage Society, UU Religious Education History Group, and the UU Historical Society.

Prior to full time involvement in Unitarian Universalist consultation, she had a career in public health nursing and various levels of health administration with the State of Maine. She helped establish several rural health organizations.

On This Site

Backyard to the Universe focuses on the interrelatedness of our lives with the world around us. Literally, our backyard is a lightly wooded area gently sloping toward a stream. The gifts of nature throughout the seasons are spiritual treasurers--loons, turkeys, deer, ducks and geese and loons, eagles and crows, squirrels, turtles and other creatures and vegetation small and large.

The snails on the site represent the inward, reflective spirituality of the fall and winter, and the butterfly represents the external, opening celebrating spirituality of spring and summer. The black cat on a book ---well, there is a mystery about black cats, and many of our cats over the years decide to help us read by literally sitting on the book or newspaper. Other cats walk over us when we lay down, the cockatiel chatters at the bird sounds on a CD, and the dogs bark at the mourning doves and geese on the same CD. Inside and out, we are connected with creatures that keep our lives filled with wonder, humor and stretching.

This site will be a collection of interests and will be ever changing, hence the site of HZMRE Unlimited!

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